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RolStoppable said:

Your title doesn't match the content of the thread and submarines are boring.


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I think majority of people's dream relates to flying, not water.  


I expected to see boobs in 3D xD

Screw you guys - piloting a submarine would be amazing :(

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I really enjoyed the FFVII submarine mini-game.  I'm not sure about buying a whole game like it, though.  Maybe if it was really fun and $10 or something.  I already have Endless Ocean 2 anyway.  I paid the whole $30 for it but my interest in new diving games is less now that I already have one game.


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Sure, why not?

Submarines are long, hard, and full of sea men.  If you get to shoot torpedoes then it will be an explosive product.

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TO be honest, the game that is making me even think about getting a 3DS (that is atm) is Steel Driver.  I love games that take place in water. I have not played a good submarine game since Silent Service. I loved that game.

I don't get why Miyamoto is so bonkers over Steel Diver. Game looks boring as hell, not gonna lie. Just give me my side scrolling Mario, Miyamoto!

If this game sells over one million units than i will be able to say for sure "Nintendo can sell anything" i did not get interest in this game ....YET, maybe when i see it in person my opinion may change...but until there is just a game for me...


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