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This site is a hub for pirate news so is the forum.

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No way in f'ing hell will it hit 10m pirated. About ~4-5m is not out of question but it is likely that MW3 will beat BF3 out on that list due to it's dubious nature, more people will be willing to try it first and see whether they'd want to make a purchase, just my personal opinion. At least I provided a reason rather than just make a stupid prediction.

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Slimebeast said:

But Battlefield is all about multiplayer and for multiplayer you need a legit copy. At least if you want to play where everyone else is playing and if you want to be included in the official rankings.

so was black ops but that didn't stop 6 million people from priated it

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

I'm guessing Battlefield has a bigger loyal userbase than Call of Duty on PC. Of course it will still be pirated a lot but hey, that happens. Anyway, shouldn't we be looking at sold:pirated ratio? I'm guessing BF3 will destroy CoD in that matter.

If u can afford PC to run it, you can afford BF3

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ocean-1984 said:

If u can afford PC to run it, you can afford BF3

Then again, you can't download a PC, can you?