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I haven't even played FFVII, but as OoT is one of my favourite games ever (second to Majora's Mask), it will be Ocarina of Time.

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OoT easily over Final Fantasy VII, but if this was IX, you would get a much different answer out of me. Final Fantasy VII is one of the middle tier FF in my eyes.


Both fantastic games that I thoroughly enjoyed.

But out of the two I would have to say Ocarina of Time. I just found Final Fantasy VII a little too confusing, story-wise. And I also could never play Final Fantasy VII ever again as I just can't with RPGs like that, I feel that it isn't as good as the first time you play it.

Ocarina of Time is the only game I've ever had that has made me want to complete it more than once, without getting bored!

And anyway, I actually prefered Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VI! Does that make me weird?

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Both of these games aged remarkably well, you guys, they just did it based on different things.

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Thanks a lot VGChartz. I knew you guys would pick Ocarina of Time~ <3

Finaly Fantasy went downhill after 6.

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FF7 is better imo

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AOvechkin08 said:

Since the thread limits it to these 2 games as being the best ever, OOT over Final Fantasy 7 any day. There isn't even a discussion IMO. One game had great graphics for the time and fast paced gameplay, the other one had turned based random encounter shit with hideous ass graphics and terrible controls.

ZELDA is an Action Adventure Game, so I guess You don't like RPGs?

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cloud1161 said:

here it is.  one of the biggest rivalries for the greatest game of all time.  many people say that whichever game you play first, you generally like more and i think thats the truth.  ff7 was actually one of the first games i ever played and is still my favorite and i think its near perfect in nearly every way for its time.  now i do not discredit anything from ocarina of time, it is pretty damn good too, probably in my top 5, but theres just something lacking in it that just makes me like ff7 better.  i think perhaps the dialogue is the biggest thing.  ocarina of time has a pretty g-rated dialogue and it makes the game generally feel less serious as far as the world being in grave danger goes.  also, the songs in ff7 give me goose bumps.  however, every one just loves that tune when you find a new item or triforce piece in ocarina of time.  ff7 has sold 9.72 million and ocarina of time has sold 7.60 million according to vgchartz, but for me, the hardly does either game justice.  so what do you think is better?

EDIT: can someone tell me how to make a poll

1. The dialogue in was pretty good in FFVII, but it suffers from terrible translation, so Ocarina wins.

2. You don't find any triforce pieces in OoT. Someone hasn't actually played the game ;)