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FFVII is not even the best FF by far (VI XI and IV - remake - are better)... then again, I prefer ALttP to OoT.

Soooo.... Zelda.

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FFVII is a great game but it doesn't even come close to OoT

The only game that comes even close to OoT is Xenogears

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Serious_frusting said:

OoT in my opinion has aged extreamly well. It is one of the few games from that gen i can still sit down and play from begining to end.

FF7 was good for its time but not so much now. Hence the reason why everyone wants a remake for it.


OoT wins this one for me.

A better face-off would have been between

Chrono Trigger

Legend of Zeldz: OoT

Legend of gaia/time. Name changes depending on what side of the pond you live on

I feel the same way.

Oot is my favorite game of all time, so I choose that.

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FF7 I have been unable to enjoy any home console Zelda since SNES

I'm a huge FF fan, well at least before FF X-2 (but I liked XII), and OoT & FF7 are actually my 2 favourite games of all time. Don't make me choose! I think they're both equally incredible games. Ocarina of Time was one of the first games I ever played, I enjoyed it sooooooooo much as a kid now that I look back, those were the real memories. FF7, was one of the first PS games I played, and I don't know about any of you but I really can't think of a villain more badass than Sephiroth, and the story was just so epic that even today it's embedded in my mind. So simply put, don't make me choose! :P

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Ocarina of Time. FFVII isn't even that good of game. There several games in FF franchise I'd take over it as well as many other JRPGs outside of the franchise. Despite it's archiac graphics by todays standards, I can still play OoT. I could barely stand FFVII in 1997 and it's flat out unbearable in 2011.

Ocarina of Time easily

RageBot said:


It has also aged far better than OoT.

You're crazy and there's a certain type of male airflow machine that your comment blatantly screams. FFVII is nearly unplayable by modern standard, while gameplay has barely evolved past what OoT did thirteen years ago.


In the FF series, VII is very low on my rankings. I consider IV, V, VI, IX, X, and XII all to be very easily better games. And one could easily make the argument that every other non-MMO game in the series is more enjoyable, too. Both MMOs, I consider pretty rough, though. And similar opinions are extremely common amongst players of the series as well.

Meanwhile, OoT is still revered as either the best game of all time or, at the very worst, one of the top 5 best games of all time, by both the majority of gamers AND aggregate ratings websites.

Toss in Master Quest and Ocarina of Time 3D, and there's absolutely no question about it. Master Quest because it offers an incredible extra degree of replayability that you can almost never find in games like that. OoT3D because it's a very lightly updated version of the game, which proves that OoT has aged fantastically. FFVII could NEVER be re-released as a full game like that without getting a serious makeover. OoT3D only got a minor touchup.


No, this isn't even a fair debate. It's OoT all the way.


thetonestarr said:

FFVII could NEVER be re-released as a full game like that without getting a serious makeover. OoT3D only got a minor touchup

I disagree on that point hugely.

Ocarina 3D only looks so good because it's played on such a small screen.

If the FFVII Remake was made for the 3DS, it would also need a minor touch up. The backgrounds wouldn't really need touching. The character models could be more fleshed out and well... That's it. That's all FFVII would need.

Suppose I may aswell edit this in.

FInal Fantasy VII wont get that type of Remake. No way. It will get the full HD Remake it deserves.

Unfortunately I think FF VII is too basic in gameplay and the graphics (ugly lego characters, unlike VIII or IX) to make me say FF VII...OoT actually has good gameplay still. And it still looks solid. So, OoT.

FF VIII vs. OoT though...hmm...