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good luck to them

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I definitely could see this being a big breakthrough for NIS if they play their cards right. It looks great so far. :)

Well preorders for the game must be pretty good if they think it could reach 200k. Even if it can't reach that number, it should definitely beat disgaea 3.

I really do hope it is the a breakthrough success predicted though; NIS could probably use the money.

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good for them, hope they can back it up!  I still need to get disgaea 3, i'm so behind

It pleases me that a HD game selling 200k units is enough to completely rejuvinate a companies stocks lol. Gotta give them kudos for producing Disgaea 4 on such a budget, Japanese developement as a whole seems pretty apt at keeping the costs down.

 Never played a game in the series but I'm tempted to give 3 a go. Reckon I'll pick up a portable one one day, bound to be something like that on the NGP (Albeit they did do them all on the PSP already...).