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It is not the greatest game ever, but you can have a good time and it has a great and different atmosphere, if any of you knows spanish you can check my review of the game here:

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It actually is a pretty good game and the controls work pretty well like 90% of the times. If you like survival horror games then its a must buy though it isnt really scary but it has a great atmosphere. Plus what other game out puts you in a mountain and lets you kill ghosts of monks with some interesting motion gestures.

I bought it when I saw it on clearance at Walmart a couple of months ago.  I'm in the middle of playing it now.  I'm about half way through, and it has taken FOREVER to get there.  I mean that in every sense of the word.  It was probably mid-December when I started it, if not earlier, and I only gathered up the willpower to play for 4 - 5 hours.  I can't ever seem to play the game for any longer than an hour in one sitting.  Everything about the game is juuuuussssttttt ssssssoooooooo sssssllllloooooowwwwww.  Normally, a game being 8 - 10 hours is a bad thing, but it is actually too long for this one.  I want to finish it, but the end seems so far away.  I already know this game will not get a replay.  I even replayed some of the levels in The Munchables for God's sake.  Isn't this supposed to be a survival horror game?  I've got 30 incense sticks at this point and have only healed myself maybe 4 or 5 times.  And that includes the time that they force you to heal near the beginning to teach you how to do it.  The saving system sucks.  The autosave only method only works if they are frequent.  People exaggerate a lot, but for real, this game could have been done on last gen hardware.  I'm glad I only paid 10 dollars for it.

Rant over.  Sorry to rain on the parade.

This game actually has a unique, original story, and a great atmosphere.  It is too bad it was mired by such a low budget.

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Galaki said:

I bought it. It sucks balls.

Controls suck so much I don't know how you consider it a good game.

I know you joke around a lot, but in case you are serious...

Q: I'm having trouble doing the Compassion Ritual. Somehow the game doesn't recognize my movements. Any tips?

A: I'm assuming the diagonal swings aren't the problem, as pretty much any sideways swing is ok. The forwards (displayed on-screen with an upwards arrow) movement might be trickier. Make sure you hold the Wiimote or Nunchuck vertically (with the tip pointing straight up to the ceiling) in front of you, close to your chest. Then make a fast thrust forward, like a quick straight punch in boxing. This should do the job 95% of the time. And don't be overhasty. Make a tiny break before each swing, then make a clear, smooth gesture.

Oh, and get rid of the Wii MotionPlus in case you're playing with that.

Here's an e-mail I received also concerning this:

I noticed that lots of people are having trouble with the compassion ritual, me too. In fact it got so bad for me that I almost gave up playing the game.  But I figured that a developer would be insane to release a game where the controls just didn't work, so I realised the problem must be with the way I  was doing the gestures, turned out I was right. For all those who are having the same problem here are my tips on how to do the compassion ritual and get the gestures recognised nine times out of ten; Once you get the gesture arrows up on screen, you must then SLOW DOWN and be very deliberate in making the gestures. I know that when you are in the middle of hectic combat this is the last thing you feel like doing, but don't worry, all the ghosts freeze while you perform the ritual, so you can use the time the game gives you to do it properly. Get the hand you are going to use for the gesture in position, as per the instruction book, hold for a beat and make sure your other hand is not moving, then do the gesture. You don't have to punch out hard, just make it a big smooth movement, if the game recognises the gesture, then repeat the process for the next one. I have found that it is important to follow this precisely:

I/ Get your hand in position, as shown in the manual.

2/ hold for a beat and keep the other hand still before you:

3/ Make the gesture in one, big, smooth movement.

Perhaps several signals confuse the system, I don't know, but this simple procedure has transformed the experience of playing Cursed Mountain for me. DeepSilver should have included an in-game tutorial to take people through this process, as things are, many will be Cursing them for the lousy-seeming controls.

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I'm stuck on a place were a big flying dark spirit(?) is pursuing me and I gotta hit him with the rod.

I don't find it much of a good game. Sure it has nice atmosphere on the mountain and graphics for what the Wii can do, and also the Story is something cool and different and definitelly puts to shame some cliché high budget titles, but the gameplay is totally 90's :

Its kind of a dated good game, but with roughly 2 years of existence.

It's a fantastic game you're all crazy! I mean seriously, think about how much they pulled off considering there (I'm assuming) low budget and resources!!! You get this same team (unfortunately nonexistant now) with a real budget? I think we'd have seen a revolution in horror gaming, if not perfection of the genre. Hell, the game is basically perfection of the genre as it is.

i'm actually thinkin about pickin this game up as well...looks pretty good

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I bought it at full price and enjoyed it. Some very fresh ideas and great atmosphere. The sound in particular was really well done.

It's not for everybody though. You've got to be patient and really let yourself feel the game.

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Bought the original new, but had no idea about the special edition? did they put it out before they went under or is this a japan budget title?

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