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They're so boring! I can't go 10 minutes without feeling the need to just... leave. I tried playing my ipod while using my treadmill but it only helped for a little while. I'm terrible at high intensity interval training and just can't do anything on my treadmill.

I can't try simply running outside because of the snow and there's gonna be another snow storm this coming friday in my area.

So... any suggestions on what I can do to either improve my mood regarding cardio workouts or are there any alternate ways to lose weight besides cardio workouts? I've heard, dozens and dozens of times, that cardio is crucial but I just can't stand cardio workouts.

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Anorexia or Bulimia


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Diet is the most important factor,BUT cardio exercises are also needed.

You could replace those exercises with weight-lifting.Small weights,and many,many reps should do the trick ;).

PhoenixKing said:

 snow storm this coming friday in my area.

Run in it.

the best way to lose weight is by doing high intensity training intervals. as you stated that you have trouble doing them, you should do some of he following, 

1. plan a healthy diet( extremely important), find your basal metabolic rate, and you should eat that much minimium everyday. 

2. do 5 minutes of intervals or cardio. 

3. workout with weights, probably more interesting to you, remember that form is key. 

4. the secret formula- Time, you wont loose weight fast, but rather gradually, also try to get a calorie deficit of 500 a day. 

5. avoid alcohol. 

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If you can't maintain even a moderate level of intensity while exercising due to boredom, you will probably run into problems if your goal is weight loss or overall improved fitness levels.

For cardio workouts, you generally get the most benefits when your session extends past 20 minutes.

In general, sustained cardio workouts are the best way to boost overall metabolism so that you're burning more energy, even when at rest, but even moderate weight lifting programs designed to build muscle mass and tone will do the same. Muscle takes energy to sustain; that's why competitive weight lifters consume so many calories. They would start losing weight if they didn't.

Treadmill workouts are among the most boring workouts though; no question there. Unless you can lose yourself in your workout music, or you can watch your favorite program or movie while running in place, it can be pretty dull. But, it all comes down to your personal goals and how much you're willing to work at them. Generally, there are no simple solutions or short cuts without effort or everyone in the world who didn't specifically wish to be out of shape would look like fitness trainers or professional athletes. 

If boredom is your real problem rather than lack of motivation; mix it up. You don't have to do all your cardio workouts on a treadmill. And if you live in cold weather conditions, you will burn more energy working out in the cold. You'll have to burn up more energy to keep warm.

Try watching TV while on the treadmill; I find it works brilliantly for me. My main focus is on watching, and I just happen to be moving my legs as a bonus. It's not a bore at all.

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Excessive exercise to lose weight generally does not work particularly well because people tend to adjust their diet to compensate for the new caloric requirements to maintain their weight with the exercise. Weight loss tends to be easiest for people if the build some muscle (weight training), burn a modest amount of calories through cardio they enjoy, and manage their caloric intake to ensure a 250 to 500 calorie deficit on a daily basis.