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I could be wrong but in my opinion Microsofts systems will never do that well in Japan because they are not a Japanese based company. I do like the idea of them calling it Sega whatever.

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Aha! The American flag won't help sell the system at all!

Kai Master said:
Aha! The American flag won't help sell the system at all!

It might if Hulk Hogan was wearing it. Don't understimate the celebrity of "Ichiban".

lmao i laugh when sony puts up a huge huge thing of playstation there

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maybe now they can sell more than 520,000 systems over 2 years in japan.

doesn't Xbox basically mean "death box" or "bad box" or something like that in japan? If so, LOL @ "death box... Jump In!"

Words Of Wisdom said:
Microsoft is working on its popularity in Japan?

I hope they use a magnifying glass...

Why? Are Japanese people hard to see with the naked eye? If not, I don't see how that makes much sense.

Microsoft just can't win in the Japanese market, but they've made other strides in the East -- notably that Eastern developers are now finding the Xbox to be attractive to develop for due to their strong western sales.

It will take time for Microsoft in Japan... The Japanese culture does not adopt foreign products quickly (Especially electronics)...

They are slowly and continually increasing their average monthly sales over time in Japan... Nothing really great yet, but they will get there... Definately not this gen... Maybe next... Definately the following generation after that...

Japan has a very unique culture and that culture strongly prefers Japanese much like in the 60's and 70's with the patriotic push to continue to buy North American made vehicles. Eventually, the Japanese won because they committed to making a better product and consumers finally gave up defending domestic vehicles...