Forums - Gaming Discussion - The sinner's sandwich is actually good (Mr. Stewart is right).

In Deadly Premonition, the Sinner's Sandwich was introduced:

(see that link for more detail).  I did the best I could to make it:

* Two slices white bread

* Four slices turkey cold cuts

* Strawberry Jelly (didn't have jam)

* Corn Flakes (this was the cereal needed).  Figured it was the most neutral to go with, just for crunch.


And it was a good sandwich. I look forward to trying it again, with maybe better turkey and strawberry jam instead.  I dare others to try it.  Also, if you have tried it and liked it, do give it a shot.  Strawberry jam and turkey go together.

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I can totally vouch for this.

I just made one, and when combined with a bloody mary it makes the perfect hangover cure.

Also, bumpan an old thread

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Your avatar frightens me. Can't click on the link. What is this? How to make a killer sandwich?

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But you have to listen to this while you eat it or ur doin it rong.

I'm not a fan of Jelly/jam, but with corn flakes or frosted flakes I imagine that would be awesome