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This is "The Last Story Press Conference Thread".

Here's the times:

2 PM Japan Time

I'll put the link up for the stream in this OP when it starts.

This conference is expected to show gameplay videos and more info of the game as well as possible talk of a localization for The Last Story (Sakaguchi did say that information about a localization of the game would be available by the end of the year).

Here is a link to a commercial for the conference:


Stay tuned to this thread.



The steam is up (though, nothing has started yet)

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2 hours left!

I expect a new epic trailer and the release date for NA and EU.

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I'm hoping Mistwalker follows SE's lead with a relatively quick localization for the west. FFXIII was under 3 months.

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Thanks for the alert. I'm definitely interested in seeing how this goes

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I expect love cutscenes between Kanan and Elza on that flower scene. I expect full battle gameplay details, more plots, and release dates for NA and EU.

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release this game in the US for god's sake I need something more for my WIi. My PS3 harddrive cannot take anymore awesome.

5 AM

Do you think it will be worth it staying up that long?


midnight here, not too bad...

I'm sleepy...this better be good.

Thank God I just woke up then.

Dunno why I'm waking up at 3am. -_-