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but I like CoD...

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O-D-C said:

but I like CoD...

Well you're not allowed to anymore

I know what you mean, but once in a while gamers take a stand against this sort of thing.

Look at Boom Blox Bash Party for instance.  That only sold 15 copies.  So much for that yearly franchise that EA wanted. 

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There isn't a yearly iteration of Halo, it's just that ODST and Reach were simultaneously developed, and thus launched a year apart.

And if people like what new additions a yearly release could bring, I don't see much wrong in purchasing that.


we haven't got to Capcom level and start releasing an million  different Street Fighter 2 games with slight upgrades. 


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Sports games get a bad wrap for this all the time but its normally by those who dont play them.

Back before patches and online, you needed yearly iterations of sport games because people dont want to play with outdated rosters.  now sure they could probably patch in the new rosters.

but for those who get the game every year, like my dad.  The slight changes most people seem not to notice are big deals to him.  He goes onto his sport videogame websites just drooling over the changes for the new year.   Making him wait 2 years for a new version of the only game he play would be killer.


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if they're good. IDC. assasins creed 2, and brotherhood are awesome... 1 was not. imo.

I've never liked call of duty or any of each first party's FPS regardless so I don't buy them.. and I don't really like mario anymore for this reason, (Even if it's not yearly I still got burnt out on that)

mchaza said:

we haven't got to Capcom level and start releasing an million  different Street Fighter 2 games with slight upgrades. 


Capcom.  Why did you have to mention Capcom? *vein forms on forehead* Goddam, my love/hate relationship with those guys,  Two vwrsions of Street Fighter 4 released ledd than a year apart with "DLC" that has cost me more than bot games (I have no willpower when it comes to SF4 costumes), and a rumored THIRD SF4 game in 2011 with a couple of new characters.  I actually k ow the people I play online.  Dividing us between games.....FUCK!  And how many Megaman games are there?    And....and...fuck.  My heart.....I'm....I'm dead.

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I personally refuse to buy any more CoD games. Not because I dislike them (though that is a factor), but because they're popular and don't deserve to be, at least not nearly as popular as they are. If I paid $60 for the PC version of MW2 ($60 for a fucking PC game!!!), and, if we added on the map packs (which I didn't buy) that'd bring me to about $90. That's $90 for a 6 hours single player with no replay value and a broken multiplayer component. On the other hand, I spent $60 on Europa Universalis III. If you add the expansions that comes to $60 (and probably $80 when EU3: Divine Winds comes out >.>). With that I get nearly one thousand hours of play time in singleplayer (since I bought Heir to the Throne at least) and a solid MP component. The reason I'm making this comparison? They're both yearly franchises.


2007: Call of Duty 4, Europa Universalis III, and Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition (expansion)

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2010: BlOps and Divine Winds (not yet released)


The thing is, with EU3 I get so much more. Free updates that change core game mechanics. Mods. An awesome community. The list goes on and on.



SmoothCriminal said:
Linkasf said:

Halo isnt a yearly released game.

Way to completely miss the point >.>

It would be more relevant if the title was "Rant against mainstream gamers".

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