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Carl2291 said:

BTW people... If there are no bundles at all here for SW, does it mean Black Ops sold MORE than the 8.4 Million? Same for whatever GT5 sold? And any other bundled games?

Good question but I guess just games "only bundled" wasn't counted.

I don't have enough popcorn for this thread... :(

great for Just Dance 2! deserves it!


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Current 360/PS3 gap this year is 1.3 mill.

These NPD figures (if they translate into adjustments) take that down to around 800k. With Americas figures bound to stay high for 360 and low for PS3 this week, that could diminish another 200k. Taking it down to 600k ...


Carl2291 said:

HD > Wii!


nintendo > everything ;)


edit : sorry beaten

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Darth Tigris said:
Wass said:

Last PS3 price cut was 1 year and 2 months ago. Isn't it time to start thinking about the next one?

360 hasn't had one since 2008.

Unless you count every time there's a new sku they drop the prices of the old models 

And this chart shows how Elites went from 399 to 299 in 2009, yeah the elite replaced the premium essentially but that's a big change worth noting.  Overall resistance to price drops probably has a lot to deal with screwy changes in exchange rates and inflation in America. 

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Looking at those Wii sales I can't help thinking of this:

matt247 said:


palancas7 said:
matt247 said:

That's just embarssing, looks like they kinda got Wii right though!!!


palancas7 said:
matt247 said:

I remember seeing that chart a few years back, and it appears it will be very wrong ,jsut look at 360 selling about 37M by end of 2010, well that's defintly wrong and it appears PS3 will sell about 70M within 2 years, not likely.

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