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Forums - General Discussion - Panda shit worth big bucks

I litterally meant shit.


Venus sculpted from panda feces sells for 300,000 RMB

16:46, November 26, 2010

A sculpture of Venus was exhibited in Henan Art Museum on Nov. 24. But what could make the sculpture worth 300,000 yuan? The answer: It was made from the droppings of a giant panda.

The sculpture was finished by nine Chengdu young students with giant panda feces under the guidance of Zhu Cheng, a famous sculptor in Chengdu. However, no one ever thought it would be sold for 300,000 yuan to a famous Swiss collector.

By Wang Hanlu, People's Daily Online

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save the Pandas and now their shit? Joking aside still save the Pandas....awesome animals 

I am no good at grammar =) 

DAMN IT! This EP is such a good idea 

People will spend a lot for something they perceive is valuable art.

Me on the other hand, would only consider art if it has the same/higher resale value as it once did. 


Only the Chinese...

Just you know why...

Take a look at my photos on flickr