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Well, it's been a good few years, but I think my time on VGChartz is over. I post a political thread (for the first time in weeks) and it's locked because apparently my views don't align with some moderators on this site.

Honestly, I think the thing that bothers me the most, is the content of the thread. The president was speaking extremely derogatory about a demographic of Americans (said Latinos should look upon roughly 50% of Americans as "the enemy" and "punish them" in the polls).

When I posted this, I got a lot more people defending Obama for it. If the leader of the US can conduct himself anyway he wants, and his followers continue to defend him for it, what's the point of my threads? I think we have truly become a polarized society.

It seems the same group of people are always on my side, or against it. There are no words that can change the views of the people on this site, so why should I keep trying? All I do is feed the polarization.

So, goodbye Kasz, Happy Squirrel, Stickball, Fen, Rath, RocketPig, and all the others I failed to mention.

It's been fun. Please leave this thread open a day or so, so people who now me can see it, and then delete my account, and lock this thread. No need to reply anyone, I won't be reading it.

Take care all!

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Issues with moderation, as implied in this thread, are not to be aired in a public forum. Rather, they should be taken up with the appropriate people, as per the rules. Locked.


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