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I just got CS5 and I'm going to be installing it once I get home later today. I've been busy with a Korean immersion yesterday and today (immersion = sticking us in a facility where only Korean is allowed to be spoken and we take penalties for speaking English, can even get written up if it's a persistent issue, and we stay overnight >.


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Toying around with a water reflections mod:


That looks good. Do you think it could be incorporated into the game?

Eventually, perhaps. In 1.8, they're going to be heavily revamping the lighting system already. Daylight, glowstone, torches, and redstone torches all are going to put off different colors of light and the such.

They just need to work in dynamic shadows and the such, then reflections like this would be perfect.

Glass and ice need to reflect as well.


I'm liking that mod, wow.

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It has a LOT of problems with it still (I found a TON of bugs, and it has tremendous issues with compatibility), but it's also a fairly new mod, so it has plenty of time left to work out the glitches before it should be considered a bad mod.


I heard somewhere the rumored date for 1.8 was the 8th of September.



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There've been a solid number of rumors, but according to an official release on the MC Forums, all rumors are 100% false until Notch or Mojang themselves specifically say so via one of their official channels (most likely Notch's Google Plus, Twitter, or blog).

As it stands, Notch said Saturday at PAX that it'd be out within "the next few weeks". If taken literally, that'd mean it would release anytime between now and September 17.


In the meanwhile, I want to request assistance from you guys. I built some docks in my city, and I want to build some big boats to go in the docks. I'm planning on putting in a freightliner, a small cruise ship, a yacht, a fancy rich-guy fishin'/cruisin' boat (aka, a tad bit smaller than a yacht), and a sailboat. I'd be willing to eliminate the yacht or cruise ship due to space constraints, but everything else stays. I also intend to have a section that's actually a practical in-game dock (in the small wooden dock to the north side of my city docks).

If any of you want to/can help, I'd surely appreciate the assistance. I'm having trouble figuring out what I want to do. Feel free to just pop in and pick a spot to build the ship - I can easily move it if I don't like where it goes.


To get to the docks, you can warp /warp docks


Textures for the update have been released. I'm going to post the old textures, THEN the new, for comparison.


Things to note on the texture.png:

(1) Three new stone brick textures (as opposed to clay brick, which we've already had). Normal brick, cracked/crumbling brick, and mossy brick.

(2) What appears to be bars, above the cracked and the mossy bricks.

(3) A blue line of some sort.

(4) Four new textures for the Giant Mushrooms

(5) Peculiar plant-like textures next to the Giant Mushrooms

(6) Melons.

(7) Odd texture at the bottom resembling tracks. Don't know what that is at the moment.

(8) Something next to that with three dots each with a line under them.

No other changes.


and the items

things to note:

(1) Addition of beef and chicken, both raw and cooked. Cooked pork is now colored like actual cooked pork.

(2) Watermelon slices!

(3) Watermelon and pumpkin seeds.

(4) Various bows are displayed now for the varying degrees you can pull the bow to for firing stronger shots.

(5) They've added a ton more of those "placeholder" slots.

(6) Something I can't recognize is next to the cookie.


just a note the winner of the name contest will be announced when 1.8 comes out

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