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Make yourself at home and enjoy the thread!

Here are the trailers for Donkey Kong Country Returns (I won't embedd them, that makes the thready laggy).

Click on the links to view them!

E3 2010 Debut Trailer

Rambi Trailer!

Now PICTURES! Again I'm not gonna post loads here, it'll make the thread laggy. What I will give you is a link to take you to IGN where you will be able to view every official picture for Donkey Kong Country Returns! (Click on the link below)

Awesome DKCR Pictures!

Box Art

Like any other game Donkey Kong Country Returns has a box art! And its a pretty good one too!

Right now it seems like the game has the same box art in every region. But this might change and this part will be updated once it does!

EU, JP & NA:


See the next post for Gaming Media Reviews and Sales Tracking!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

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This section is exclusively for review from the gaming media for DKCR. It will be updated as soon as new reviews hit the net!

Like the sections title suggests. This is here to just give you a glimpes of how well the game is selling.

It will be updated weekly with worldwide sales for the game!

Lets hope it'll sell well!


See the next post for the community activities section!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey


Welcome to the Community Activities Section.

Over here we'll be holding a few long term events that you can SIGN UP for now!

The events are as follows:

- Hype Batallion for Donkey Kong Country Returns -------- Join the HYPE army for the game, you will be given an awesome name of your own choice, but you must promise to hype the game!


- VGCritic for Donkey Kong Country Returns ----------- A popular feature in my FFXIII Official Thread returns here. Basically the idea is you rate each "world" in this game out of 10. Now we don't know how many world the game has but it will be more sensible to give a rating out of 10 for each world instead of say for each level.


- VGchartz Donkey Kong Country League ----------- Now I'm not sure how this is going to work, but the idea is you report how many banana's you've earned after EACH WORLD and a league is formed. It will be ranked in order of who collects the most banana's.



Welcome to the HYPE BATALLION.

Post in the thread saying you wanna sign up to be signed up, see we don't need any legal documents from you, signing up is hassle free!

The idea is we right you "member name" and your VGchartz username in brackets so everyone knows who you actually are. And we give you a role in this grand army!

And remember this is all just for fun, I'm not gonna order you people to insult Mario or anything!


Sir Woofsalot (Darthdevidem01) -- CEO Of The Hype Batallion

Courage The Cowardly Kong (morenoingrato) -- Vice CEO Of The Hype Batallion

Smeagsy Weagsy (Smeags) -- Assosciate Director Of Monkey Business

Yuna The Kong Priestess (thelifatree) -- Head of Dixy Kong Defence!

Kopity Kong (Kopstudent89) -- Creepy Banana Keeper

Yoshi The Rainbow Guardian Of Kongland (Rainbow Yoshi) -- Jungle Tamer

Thunder Thirst Tiki AKA Tripe T (allaboutthegames885) -- Villain Relations Director

Boutros Bootie Kong (Boutros) -- Top Director Of The Kong Film Industry

Master Kong (MasterZack) -- Rambi Stable Keeper

Dr Beuli Of Kongbridge (Beuli2) -- Mine Kart Developer & Researcher

***Thanks to Kopstudent for helping out many members with their names!


*Note - I will be posting updated lists of this throughout the thread at regular intervals



Welcome to the VGCritic Section

As I said in the intro to the Community Activities section this was a popular and fun feature in the Official FFXIII Thread.

So I hope you guys like it just as much here too!


VGcritic will get YOU the VGchartz Gamer RATING Donkey Kong Country Returns

Right the basic idea is you sign up for the section by posting, "Hey darth I wanna sign up to VGCritic For DKCR" and we sign you up, again no formal documents needed!

Now you don't have to do anything till the game releases. After the game is out the aim is to get you (the member) to rate each WORLD in the game. Now currently we do not know how many worlds the game has.

But as soon as you finish a world please give it a rating out of 10 or any equivalent rating scale you use (but the rating will be converted to out of 10). Your rating out of 10 will go into a table and we'll see which World in DKCR has the highest user rating!

Once you finish the game you need to give a Final rating for the game which will also be averaged in a table.

So to break it down:

- Finish a world in DKCR? Well rate it outta 10 and give a mini review

- Finish DCKR? Well rate the game outta 10 and give a mini eview

The rest of the work will be done by poor Darth!

I will make the table once we have members signing up!

But here's an example of how the table looked like in the FFXIII Thread (Just replace Chapter with World....and thats how the one for DCKR will look like!)

*Note -- I will be posting the updated table of ratings at regular intervals throughout the thread!


Welcome to VGchartz League for Donkey Kong Country Returns!

Right now this is gonna be a type of competition.

Once again you need to sign up (like in the previous events).


Right all you need to do here is just tell us how many banana's you have at the end of each world!

Then there will be a ranking for who has the highest banana's in each world.


A table will be formed once we have people signing up!

*Note -- I will be posting the ranking's list at regular intervals throughout the thread!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Special Thanks To The Following:

Smeags - He was the Quality Assurance guy!

Google Picasa - For making it possible for me to make this thread!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

This thread is too abitious!  It's like Red Dead Redemption.  It does so much that I'm not worthy to post in it.

mZuzek loves Smeags. 😢

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d21lewis said:

This thread is too abitious!  It's like Red Dead Redemption.  It does so much that I'm not worthy to post in it.

lol thats nice of you to say!

So are you hyped for this game d21?

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

And everyone I'm sure I've forgotten things to put in so please let me know whats missing and I'll put it in as soon as possible!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

I-I... Wha-wa...


As Earthworm Jim once said, "Whoa Nelly!"

This is fantastic stuff Darth, and you said you'd have it done by Wednesday. Way to exceed expectations!

Anywho, I still need to take this all in (yes, he added two more pages of awesome stuff after I checked it yesterday!).

But add me to the Hype Mine Cart as Smeagsy Weagsy, Associate Director of Monkey Business.

Anyways, back to mumbling about how awesome this thread is!



can I troll?
What if it evokes nostalgia of the first one? that's a bad thing for me!

/ends trolling :D

But I'll play this... because my brothers going to rent it... :D

And it seems Sir woofsalot spent a ton of time on creating the content of this thread >_>

I think the release date for Europe is going to be 3rd December:

Might want to wait for an official announcement though.