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Forums - Gaming Discussion - are you a fanboy ?

Do you consider yourself a fanboy ? of which compagnie ?


Back in the days (1986) I was a Nintendo fanboy and use to hate every SEGA Masters System owners at school.  Times have changed for me cause I don't have any allegeance for any system... 

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everyone knows that every Sega console owned the NES/SNES in pretty much every arcade and ported game ever, except the first party games of course,since they both had an awesome first party library, you just CANT deny it.

Ontopic :  i love good games , but i am very biased against anything coming out of Activision.

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I was a big Nintendo fanboy during the 5th and beginning of 6th gen. Then it kinda struck me how stupid it all was...

I wasn't a fanoy during 3th and 4th gen though, so I didn't partake in the Sega vs Nintendo wars. My favourite consoles were Nes/Snes but that didn't stop me from loving Sonic and Castle of Illusions!

When it comes to Valkyrie Profile, Chrono (I'll defend Chrono Cross at all costs!) and Metroid I'm still a bit of a fanboy. Maybe...

and this campaign. Best... campaign... EVER.............

I hate you Nintendo Fanclub.. I hate you!! Me and my 1 other Sega friend couldn't make a Sega Fanclub because there weren't enough of us. We had to join the Ninendo Fanclub and you wouldn't sit beside us, along with the 1 Turbografx 16 owner. You sat on the other side of the room and didnt talk to us..  Why? Because the color of our console? You don't like blacks?  ¬_¬


Xbone... the new "N" word   Apparently I troll MS now | Evidence | Evidence
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I'm pretty loyal to Sony but I don't think I'm really a fanboy, I'll happily admit when Microsoft did something right or has a good looking game coming out. I might even buy the new slim 360 at some point, the only reason I haven't bought one already is because I don't have access to online right now for video games.

If liking multiple console manufacturers (Sega and Nintendo) and disliking multiple console manufacturers (Sony and Microsoft) is being a fanboy, then I am one.

But I define fanboy as being biased towards only one specific brand of consoles, so I fall outside of my own definition.

Also, I'm a PC gamer first and foremost, so even if I only would have liked one brand of consoles, that console wouldn't be my main gaming platform anyway.

EDIT: Oh, and me going on about Starcraft being the best game of all time isn't fanboyism, it's simply stating objective non-arguable facts.


I'm a fan of sony,but not a fanboy. I love some things about microsoft and nintendo.

not anymore at least. I´m not a fan of companies. they dont care about people just about money. that´s one of the reasons I cant be a fanboy. but I really like games I just dont love the companies

When it comes to supporting a console I will always lean towards Nintendo. Though in some regards I am a Big N fanboy, on  the other hand this generation has proven that you "must" own all 3 consoles because each one has truly amazing exclusives that justify a purchase of each one.

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