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(Speaking of real life-before I met Matt) If a guy did that, he got automatically ignored by me. I'm not some kind of piece of meat and I don't like to be looked like that. Also it says a lot about the person and I wouldn't want to be with someone like that. Even more annoying when they can't contain themselves and make "animal" like comments or sounds or whistle. Also, I noticed most of the time it was old pervs who probably already have a wife. Poor woman.

But I know some girls like that kind of attention. My friend was like that before.

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Well evolutionarily it makes sense. The body is what carries and feeds the offspring.

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I don't want to sound soft or anything, but at age 26 and having gone through a few relationships whether you can hold a long conversation with her is more important than any physical feature. There is only so many times a day you can have sex and believe me, she doesn't want it as much as you do because her sex organs are not dedicated to solely producing the "horny" hormone of testosterone. Henceforth, you better find common ground in conversation or she just might as well be your booty call.

Honestly, I notice the hips first, which translates into buttocks second. Coincidentally, all of my girlfriends have been in the 5'1" to 5'5" range (I am 6'0" myself). Women in this range tend to have curvy hips with a nice ass and a decent rack to boot.

People say body in opposition to face: as if the faces were not in our bodies!

For me, it really really depends. I don't follow a patern but only what catches first my atention. Sometimes, a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes and even beautiful hair, stop me for some time and only after I sail with my eyes through the rest of the body. It could happen just the opposite: horrible teeth, sad or vicious eyes, bad skin, it all could catch my atention and later have a huge influence in my revision of her body.

Sometimes, especially when you are not introduced to that person or you are just walking down the street, it takes a lot more effort to find a woman's face as herwhole body is right there for you to watch. And you wonder: "Is she a woman?" So you check out the boobs or if her ass gently swings, making ethereal promisses of pleasures yet to be lived. In this cases, is only natural that you check their faces later.

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Man, I watch Mad Men, but Christina Hendricks never seemed THAT "curvy" before. H4er small head looks so disproportionate to her "curvy" body, that I'd rather use the word "scary" to describe her, rather than "attractive".

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I ususally take a quick glance at the face first, if she is good looking then I spend the rest of the time staring at her body mostly.


I guess I'm an exception to that rule. I always lean towards really cute girls. After that, once she's not malnourished or more morbidly obese I'm cool. I can also go for a girl with a hot face but then the body has a tighter requirement than a really cute one. With that said, if her face isn't up to par, i don't wanna touch her no matter how nice the body.

Um, what the article said is that men pick short term partners based on their bodies and long term partners based on faces.

darthdevidem01 said:

Well I look at the ass first, then other parts of the body!

just like dogs!

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