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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Square Enix Boss Gets Death Threats Over Xbox 360 FF13

Square Enix Boss Gets Death Threats Over Xbox 360 FF13




Square Enix’s decision to release Final Fantasy XIII on the Xbox 360 in Japan, after repeatedly promising it would be a PS3 exclusive, has driven fans into a frenzy, with some becoming so angry as to begin delivering death threats to Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada on his own Twitter account.

 After the news of the port’s release became widely reported and confirmed as more than a mere rumour, irate fans descended upon Yoichi Wada’s Twitter account:


Is it true? After saying so many times it would never be released on the Xbox in Japan, if you really do release it nobody will trust your word again.

Say something!

You’re going to betray us after saying it would never come out? I’m cancelling my pre-orders.

You liar!

Lying to customers is how you do business, eh? I’ll never buy a Square Enix title again.

With all the illegal lies and misdirection about FF13 you made, I reported you to the ministry of consumer affairs. And you promised DLC and quietly abandoned it – you’re detestable.


Stop your pompous waffling and resign! Haven’t you made enough money yet? Next time put a guy who actually loves games in charge.

What’s up with game developers? Practically everything they say is a lie…

Well done, Scrooge.

Hey Wada! What the hell is this about FF13 on the 360 in Japan? You kept advertising the game in all the mags as a domestic PS3 exclusive! If you go through with this nobody’ll trust you again… Honestly I hate you so much I’d like to kill you. Quit soon. This is your last chance.

You’d better be prepared to run, or you’ll be killed! At the very least you ought to be prepared for a few rocks thrown your way!



Whilst such threats can be dismissed as the standard ravings of Square Enix’s increasingly desperate fanbase, Japanese police will make arrests for less, and they certainly demonstrate yet another looming PR disaster.

Wada himself was conspicuously silent in the face on of the onslaught.



A banner stolen from some site xD

Release Final Fantasy Versus XIII nowwwwwwwwww!!! lol :P

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Lol I've never seen that many people angry over a port since, well, when they announced FF13 360.

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geez... some people need to get a life...


Face the future.. Gamecenter ID: nikkom_nl (oh no he didn't!!) 

This looks to be one of the most memorable games this gen but for all the wrong reasons >_>

Without a doubt, SquareEnix is NOT the former Squaresoft who once catered to their fan base regardless of platforms.  But I hope the death threats are just empty words "spoken" by a few ravenous individuals and nothing more.

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Gotta love the hardcore meltdowns.

Above: still the best game of the year.

AH wow , I don't think these people are being serious ( except that nobody will trust Wada's word again XD )

Beuli2 said:

Gotta love the hardcore meltdowns.

"Hardcore" is too decent of a term for this.  "Beyond obsessive" if not "insane" would be more appropriate.

Hackers are poor nerds who don't wash.

I don't really see the point to this... Aren't a lot of the people complaining. The people that don't like the game in the first place hence they just want another reason to bash square-enix. Which means they wouldn't have bought it anyway even if it was available. They just want to complain. Either way it's pointless. If anything this is catering to their fanbase because more people get it.

Though they don't cater to anyone buy not releasing internationals in the US. But they've done this since forever.

Plus people need to quit citing And find a source that doesn't have nudies all over.

The death threats are just stupid.  But the rest of it SE brought on itself.  They should have just said that it may eventually come out on the 360 instead of repeatedly denying it.  It's so easy, all you have to say it "we can't rule it out".

Now if vsXIII goes to the 360, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually lose some sales.