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The 360 gives me a platform I don't mind screwing developers and MS on, hence allowing me to pirate games. Other platforms I actually buy them.

How do you breathe again?

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Started successful online gaming with consoles (well the first Xbox, not 360) mostly due to Halo and the beginning of XBL, paving the way for Sony this gen. Very complete and firm online system, which although costs $35/yr on Amazon, etc, is well worth the asking price.

Started the Achievement system on consoles which became wildly popular and has the most robust achievement system/sites/fansites and compalibility (easy to compare to all friends or to millions of others in the world at any time, etc) out there.

Party chat, which is insanely fun when you have a lot of friends to play with or even just to hang out and talk to many people at once. Especially good for clans and groups of friends.

Best controller this gen, aside from the D-Pad. Analog placement, triggers, weight/feel in your hand.. Microsoft, keep this controller scheme and perfect the DPad for next gen and you'll be GENIOUSES.

Started Halo, which is one of the most robust, loved ad popular FPS franchises of all time with very deep canon and lore if you're into that thing. Possibly the most robust online shooter multiplayer experience with Reach taking it to a whole new level (Firefight, Versus Firefight, Forge 2.0 (forgeworld which looks AMAZING), Theatre 2.0, Arena, all the multiplayer modes, very deep Armory customization system (for both Spartan and Elite), Challenges (daily, firefight, etc), credit system (cR), complex tracked stats system, best Campaign since Halo: CE according to IGN, etc... need I go on? I can go on forever..FPS game of forever!)

XBLA. A pure goldmine, 'nuff said. Also, XBL Indie games, which only cost a dollar and are made by people like you and me, some of them becoming famous for their games and making hundreds of thousands of dollars. Too bad I'm not good at making games..

Xbox 360 S. Microsoft finally got their hardware done perfectly (although it did take long enough). Makes me excited for what's in store next gen since they finally nabbed down hardware right.

Kinect, which has casuals at my store dying in anticipation. Dance Central will be a 5m seller confirmed, and will be the best game to have at ANY party, especially when drinks are involved! :P But what I like about it is it fits my laziness well. XBOX PAUSE. XBOX OFF.

Most importantly, stamina. I have never seen a console dragged down so much due to haters and fanboys as much as the Xbox 360. Never have I seen problems so exaggerated and hate spewed so forcefully torwards a piece of machiney in my life, yet it's stil chugging along stronger than ever with a nonstop growing userbase. Toppled a behemoth in the gaming industry to the ground with it's second iteration on the market, and clinging by as brand recognition and hatred is used against it as the competition tries to crawl back to it's former place (which, ironically, is taken by another competitor at the moment!). Hater's gonna hate, but I'll be damned if it isn't making Xbox a stronger brand then ever.

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I got one... that's the biggest compliment there is.


Okaay so for my First goes :)  

more on topic ,Definately has to be Halo, redefined multiplayer  gaming and xbox live in general

It's home to all of my favorite franchises from last gen like Halo, Fable, Splinter Cell, etc... and has helped spawn several successful new ones like Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, Dead Rising, etc.

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CGI-Quality said:
A Bad Clown said:
leatherhat said:

Halo paved the way for dozens of crappy console shooters that effectively killed the FPS genre quality wise. And with the new focus on generic halo or COD clones, a large number of genres have collapsed entirely. (Horror, platform, RPG etc.

It overcrowded the marketplace, ensuring that by sheer value of being different the wii would win the console race and usher in a new era of "innovative" and terrible motion controls

Its given us a generation of gamers who think that playing regnerating health easy mode 6 hour fps makes them hardcore despite having no knowledge of games as a whole

It brought paid online and a focus on releasing incomplete games then charging for missing parts via DLC, it made this the norm ensuring that companies could gouge people as much as they wanted and at worst no one would complain, though most of the time new paid content would be praised as the Dev continuing to support the game.

It quickly jumped on the motion control bandwagon with Kinect as soon as they saw how much money nintendo was making, and their fans who once derided nintendo for abandoing the core and making shovelware games now praise MS for making some of the most piss poor looking games in recent years.

Xbox is the worst thing to happen to the game industry, ecspecially if you've gamed on PC or remember how good things used to be, there is nothing positvie to say about it -even the color scheme blows.



And oddly enough CGI doesn't rant about this? He mentioned Nintendo!

I'm not sure what to make of it. On the surface, it's so outrageous that I thought he was being sarcastic. On the other hand, if it isn't, report it. I'm not a moderator nor can I be expected to critique every single post.

The crazy thing of it all, I tried to help YOU keep your thread positive about the Xbox, but have been accused of being "fake", "half-hearted", and the like. I didn't know a simple opinion would warrant such a response, then again it comes at no real surprise, for some odd reason, this place has become a warzone of late. 

If people weren't so uptight, you wouldn't have had a reason to create such a topic to begin with. Let's not forget that.

You are giving him too much credit... it was an attack pure and simple.  Lets not give the benefit where it isnt due.

I am happy to say that I reported it immeditely and he was banned.... excellent.

I'm not really here!

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The most positive thing I can say about the 360 is that it doesn't need a thread like this. It's as if the 360 is suffering from low self esteem and it needs cheering up. What the hell? 360's on a roll and someone thinks it needs a confidence boost? What kind of crazy world do we live in?

If anything people need to be saying nice things about PS3 and Wii to keep their spirits up.

360 is doing fine. Let it do what it does best.

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Boutros said:

Does it have to be true?

No just kidding!


360 controller > PS3 controller for FPSs.

Agreed, on the controller part! 

Does this count as positive if I just agree with someone?

Fable III is one my most anticipated games at the moment(I'll be buying it for the PC though xD)


Also, selling my 360 arcade is one of my biggest gaming regrets.

neerdowell said:

The 360 gives me a platform I don't mind screwing developers and MS on, hence allowing me to pirate games. Other platforms I actually buy them.

There is nothing positive about that at all. So you like screwing developers that make games on X360 but are more than happy to buy a game if it on another system?  No matter what system you are pirating on, it is wrong and the way you try to justify it is just messed. You don't deserve to be a gamer with that attitude. You should support developers that make the games we love no matter what system the games are on. If all you do is pirate games on X360 you don't deserve one at all nor any other system for that matter.

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