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I haven't been able to spend a lot of time going through everything yet today, but I've tried a few DivX movies and I can confirm that they work now. If you were streaming with TVersity before, you can skip it entirely now and play your movies without any hassles, burned or not.

Also, there's a selection of free themes and gamerpics out today for the Xbox Originals. I've only checked out the Crimson Skies one, but it was surprisingly good. Anyone know whether these will always be free, or if they are just free for today? 

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i think the update is good, sometimes my friends list would freez for a couple of minutes by with the update it is much fatser and dosnt seem to freez anymore



The Halo one is supposed to be good. Do we know if all Xbox Originals will come with free themes in the future? I like the new 'Twist' navigation. So far my only gripe is that downloaded demos and live arcade games are grouped together, rather than having there own areas. Also can't wait for the euro video market place next week.

I was just checking out my friends's friends. Wow! I have a small friends list!

eugene said:
I was just checking out my friends's friends. Wow! I have a small friends list!

how many friends u got then ???



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I think I can sum up the update in one word


It was okay, but not good, solid, but not earthshattering just another update, nothing I really want, DivX and Xvid are good, twist is fine, if not reminescent of XMB, it doesn't really look all that diff, bio's are kinda okay, I mean, other than that, it really isn't all that special.

I really liked this update. one of the things that bothered me the most was the way the GUI was and they made it more robust and smooth. Very nice work.

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the new update is pretty cool, me dig

Finally an option to change your windows live ID. I got stuck with using a secondary email account because of an error with Xbox.com. I like the new GUI.