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Hey everyone

We want to try an experiment to estimate sales for StarCraft II - if you have bought the game online or know anyone who has, can you please post up the time of purchase (including timezone), your country and the order number of your purchase?


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I bought mine at 12:14 pacific standard time.

United States

Order # 12285787

Awesome, thanks for that - anyone else?

Purchased at about 1:15 EST order # 12184632  Location: Canada

Order #: 12348342

7/27/10 18:24 PM EST

Purchased in Grenada (US version)

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Awesome, keep them coming guys! Looks like around 275k sold in just 5 hours in NA alone...

Anyone from Europe?

I think everyone I know bought the retail version, but if I find out anyone did I'll post it.

7/27/10 9:35 PM

Order #12331822

Bought in Trinidad & Tobago

US Version


Any updates today?

I will be purchasing later on, this is a placeholder spot until I can post thhe info for you.