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Yea well like the title says why don't we share some of our gaming achievements. And i don't mean just trophys and gamer score. I mean anytime any game.

2 of mine are:

Everquest 2. Getting my Prismatic 1 back when the game first came out. My guild was the 3rd guild on Blackburrow server to get them.

Street Fighter 2 Turbo for SNES. I beat that game on the hardest setting, 8 *'s, without losing a round in order to get the best ending possible.

So what are some of yours?

PS: if this kind of thread has been done already please let me know. Also a link would be cool.

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Beat House of the Dead in the Arcade with one play


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Beat "Shinobi "on the Arcade using 2 coins only (man i was awesome)

Edit: I'm still awesome, just not the level of "awesomeness" i was back then

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F-Zero GX story mode.

I have two

1. Beat Maximum Carnage for the SNES.

2. Beat Ninja Gaiden for the NES.

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My mom can beat Super Mario Brothers on the Nintendo with 1 life. She's been playing it for years now (maybe 8 years) and finally, this year, she beat the game for the first time. Now she can beat it with 1 life. She's 65 years old.


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My 2:

In League of Legends, I got a Penta Kill with Gankplank. my team was getting slaughtered in a team fight, and I made it there last -I dropped an ult, raised morale, and charged in and killed the entire enemy team.

In Halo 3, my team was getting brutally massacred. It was snipers on... I forget the map... a map with all ruins... maybe it was Halo 2? Probably Halo 2. Sanctuary maybe was the name? anyway, they were all pros, set up a killing field, everyone on my team got murdered the instant they spawned, everyone else quit. So it was me, outclassed vs 4. My next spawn I was on POINT. pop, pop, pop pop, before they could do anything I got headshots on all 4 of my opponents. THis was especially impressive since sniper rifles in halo only have 4 shots per clip, so a miss, or even a non headshot, would not have made this possible. I hoped they were somewhere playing together so they could all be seeing the respawn screen at once in this 4v1.

1. I did the same but in Super Street Fighter 2, not losing a single round in level 8 to see the best ending.

2. In TMNT Tournament Fighters (Snes) I could beat the game in the hardest setting winning all the rounds in Perfect  =D

3. Beat Ninja Gaiden (Nes) with 2 lives

4. Beat TMNT (Nes). This one was really special. I was in the Technodrome with all my turtles alive and lots of kunai and boomerangs... but I got killed!!!  I was about to reset the game I was really angry. But I used my last continue and somehow I manage to pass it! It was one of the best moments in my gaming life lol :D

5. In Perfect Dark (N64), beating all the challenges. I remember the last one, against a Perfect and Dark sim was EXTREMELY difficult. Good times.

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Star Wars Rogue Squadron II (GCN) : Gold medal at 'Endurance' hidden mission (3 hours of dogfight against Tie fighters. 1300 kills)

Donkey Kong Country (SNES) - 101% 

Resident Evil II (PC) - Beat the game in less than 3 hours for S rank

Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN) - 160 pts at the Grand Chelem (all tracks) in Mirror Mode

Doom (SNES) - Beat the game in Nightmare difficulty. (FYI Doom SNES has no saves)

SSBM (GCN) - Getting all characters and all tracks

Maniac Mansion (Atari 520ST) - Beat the game !

EVE Online (PC) - the F-T1ET rush : 2000 players involved 

and more ....

Beating Cheetah in World Class Track Meet.