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You know something, I know this guy HHGamer gets a lot of hate, and I can clearly see why that would be the case too BUT he is the most entertaining guy to watch in an interview (DK from EBC might be better tho)...maybe more so than the person he interviews! And he does look like he enjoys gaming :D so just putting this thought out there, usually his 'news' sucks monkey butt but he ain't that bad imo...

anywho enuf of that rant :P Here ya go the video and AGAIN that Hadoken on the Move 0_0 nergasm

lol the embedding isn't working for here ya go the link

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wow, that was a surprisingly good interview.

i especially liked the quote, "when the rubber meets the road you have to make games that work.  you can only ride the gimmick for so long" which is pretty much exactly how i feel about the wii and kinect.  the wiimote was a good first stab but i really felt let down, kinect just seems like huge letdown already and it hasn't even been release.

i dunno, compaired to the other options Move just seems so....capable.  now if only sony got their message out there.

He makes a really good point IMO although microsoft's technology might be more advanced, it is not extremely useful in games, also the minority report thing isnt as amazing as a user interface as many would like to bielieve.

sigh, a great interview and no one is going to watch it. 

These tech demos are so sweet, I hope they start to really utilize them in games

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I didn't watch the entire video, but the parts I saw had some really good points.

that was a great interview.. the guy he interviewed explaned kineck and move very well

i really like it when HHG interviews that Anton guy, he really explains stuff very well and i love the tech demos. I'm sure there will be some more great move games in the future =)

Very good interview.

I really like the answers and explanations Anton gave.  I think it's kinda funny they brought up the tech of the 3D Camera used by Kinect and explained how it was not on par technologically with what they think would be viable for all kind of gamers.  The explanations he gave us were both logical and reasonable.   He didn't sound like he was bashing the competitors or anything, he only offered down to earth and honest answers.

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kitler53 said:

sigh, a great interview and no one is going to watch it. 

I don't like HHG as I believe he's prone to hyperbole and I percieve him to be a pretty dedicated Playstation fan (and therefore I feel his interviews are not, bias-free).

After watching this interview, my opinion on HHG has not changed.  Additionally, while it's nice to see a Sony employee lauding thier own tech (and mitigating the strengths of thier competition), this is hardly surprising or unexpected right?