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just to let you know i went into gamestation and the manager claims there are a lot of pre-orders for it already so it may at least sell better than you all think, then we can all laugh at all the people who made fun of it:P:P

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Personally, I don't know for sure if I'm buying ANY motion controller any time in the near future.  I already have a Wii and, despite it not being very precise, I feel like I've already been there and done that.

With that said, I have absolutely no interest at all in getting the Playstation Move.  I just don't find it appealing at all.  Nothing about the Move or it's games make me feel like I'll have fun with it.  Again, if I didn't already have a Wii (and I wasn't already tired of motion control), I guess I'd be more excited.

As for Kinect (and I know this isn't a Kinect thread), I do have somewhat of a passing interest in that technology.  The voice controls and the controller free tech have me curious.  I have to see some compelling software for it, though.  If anything, I'd get "Kinectimals" for my little girl and it seems a lot less intimidating to buy the one Kinect device when compared to all of the gadgets that I'd need to get the most out of Move.

For now, I'll use a Wii for my motion control needs and I'll fire up my PS3/360 for my awesome graphics needs.  Right now, I don't feel the need for the two to cross.

Wii- Definitely (with Wii Motion Plus, a possibility in the future--but not likely)

Kinect- Slightly possible.

Move- No interest whatsoever.

lol does not socom4, re5 or time crisis at least make your mouth water, the move is like having a 3d mouse;);)

Yeah but so is the Wiimote, and that's been out for 4 years.

Move looks ok, but it's been done already. And there are really no games, besides maybe Sorcery, that would give me reason enough to spend $100 on yet another motion controller when I already own a Wii.

I am not being a fanboy but most people who love hardcore games do not want to play on the wii, we like our graphics in HD thanks, so yeah maybe wiimote has been around for longer, that does not change the fact that ps move is more precise, has augmented reality and all games have the option of being in HD, this is what made the difference to me after wiimote let me down 4 years ago

Also I think people are fed up of ps mve thread's getting invaded by fanboys....

LoL. Whatever that means.

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The reason there are less Move thread's is because everything we need to know about the Move is known. There's nothing to discuss. Kinect doesn't have a price, it's features are changing from release, games for it are missing (Fable 3, Milo etc) and it had a pretty casual opening at a hardcore convention. It's a very pro/con subject for people to debate over. Move is just Move, it work's, it has game's that appeal to both the hardcore and the casual, it is priced decently and it has received a positive reception from the people who have used it. Nothing much more to discuss about it.

I have a PS Eye so I'm going to pick up a wand and nav controller just so I can buy the Time Crisis pack and see how well it work's on a few shooter's (Killzone 3, RE5, Socom 4, Dead Space:Extraction etc).

Bet with Conegamer and AussieGecko that the PS3 will have more exclusives in 2011 than the Wii or 360... or something.

i must have counter at least 14 people in here who either want it, or are interested in it but want more games before they jump in, is this thread a fail already, hmm only time will tell

I am!

I was sold once they showed the demo for Sorcery.

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Echochrome ii, Sorcery, Singstar Dance all seem like pure fun for me and are newly announced Move titles. I'm really curious about how it's implemented in Heavy Rain because I didn't enjoy the controls of the demo at all. LBP integration as well.  A real RTS or Diablo style ARPG would've really been something. I still want to see awesome footage of Ape Escape 4 before i plop down my cash no matter what. 

Already pre-ordered $764 worth Move controllers, Games, and Accessories. As soon as I heard Killzone 3D Move, and MLB 3D Move, I was sold.

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I wouldn't say 'pumped' but I have an Eyetoy and will almost certainly get at least one Move/Sub just to try it out.  Sorcery, Socom, RE plus LBP 1&2 using Move is enough justification for me.

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yea, I'll be picking it up day one as I already have a PS EYE and the Move itself is just 40€ in europe

Echochrome ii, Child of Eden and the patches for games like Heavy Rain will do nicely while I wait for what I really long for: Minna no Golf Move

I am getting 4 Move controllers 4 nav controllers. I have the camera...But I havent decided what games I'll get