Forums - Sony Discussion - Does inFAMOUS 2 have potential to become GOTY material ?

Does inFAMOUS 2 have potential to become GOTY material ?

WTF ? InFAMOUS 1 was GOTY material ! 11 17.46%
If they improve on inFAMO... 17 26.98%
Not really...I don't see... 16 25.40%
lolwut ? inFAMOUS 1 sucked ! 2 will too ! 3 4.76%
I like cheese. 0 0.00%
Whos the girl with the bo... 14 22.22%
CGI-Quality said:
yo_john117 said:

Why are we talking about GOTY for a game that hasn't even been announced yet?

What?!?! Have you not been following news? This was unvelied already.

To the topic, it's my most anticipated title right now, but we need some proper E3 footage before jumping the gun.

Oh I thought it was just a rumor right now.

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I doubt it, not because of the game itself which I expect to be very solid. But due to the other games also due out this year, such as GT5.

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Munkeh111 said:
gustave154 said:

Excellent post people xD

- More variety in the missions. ( The first one had alot of repetitive missions so i hope new powers = new missions xD)

- More powers. ( Cole do not have to have different elemental powers just more variants of his lightning abilities )

- Chain Link Climbable ( This thing was annoying since cole couldn't climb it LOL)

 - New character models ( Although cole was superbly animated , other characters looked out dated in closeups )

- A bigger city ( Empire city was ok but it was kinda small if compared to other games etc. Just Cause 2 )

- Setpieces that will blow your mind ( Endboss one of the best boss battles ever. More moments like that will be amazing )

And usual stuff like updated graphics and such xD

I think it was a decent size, I certainly don't want Just Cause 2 size, because you need a plane to get anywhere in that game

haha i guess that was too much xD still bigger is better hehehe

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no i dont think it will contened other games will steal the spot light gears 3, KZ3, uncharted 3, COD MW3 possibly Agent next GTA

taking away the badass look to him also isnt helping


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I would like to know why Cole now is a punk kid with a weird voice? I haven't reached the end of infamous 1 yet though...maybe he gets sent back in time and he's now in his puberty?

Other than that I think it's got huge potential. After they realized how much people enjoyed the first one they must be working extra hard on the sequel. But please don't get more cartoony than it allready was. It had a really good feel to it.

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People...potential is the keyword here...

and the chick happens to be from the movie Click badgenome...

I'm expecting Infamous 2 to improve on Infamous like Uncharted 2 improved on Uncharted. So yes, I believe it'll be a GOTY candidate !

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The original inFamous was pretty damn great.  I like the more emphasis on in engine cutscenes thing.  I also like it will not do the GoW take powers away thing.

when does it come out? remember it has to top Super Mario Galaxy 2 which is like he 2nd or 3rd highest rated game ever. Perfect score from ign and gamespot