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freebs2 said:

I always buy CDs...better quality than mp3s, I can listen to them on any player, thera are cover, booklets, they costs too much in stores but not on the internet, also If want to listen to them on the ipod, I can convert em' in waw or mp3 files using Nero.

Couldn't you just use iTunes?

On Topic: I hope not. I just bought 2 last month D:

Yes, but I was already accustomed to do that before buying an Ipod (I had a Creative Zen before), also I don't like the itunes software very much, it's pretty demanding in terms of resources also it crashes sometimes (at least on my pc)

Plus when you rip the MP3s yourself you can adjust the quality of the MP3s so their isnt much of a loss in the quality of the song.  

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It's pretty much a given that the CD format has lost its relevancy as the primary format for distributing music.

But for many, it's still the easiest or only way to consume music and retailers still like having physical formats to sell despite the associated waste involved with shipping inventory, unsold stock, etc.

Personally, if I want an entire album of an act that I enjoy, I'll still buy the CD more ofthen than not, which is immediately ripped and added to my iTunes play list and the CD is never again to be played unless it needs to be re-ripped for whatever reason. 

If I see a band play locally that I want to support and they're selling CDs at their booth, I'll buy, but again, it gets ripped to iTunes and then shelved.

It's kind of wasteful, but as it's been mentioned, CD still has more data than any format with a lower bit rate (MP3, etc) and has the best sound as a result. Of course the difference is often only noticeable through high quality studio monitors or sound systems, which doesn't apply to the way most listen to music anyway (on sub $100 headphones or computer speakers or the typical car stereo).

CD's are superior so I buy them when I get the itch to buy new music.

1) I can convert it into any digital format with my own decision on how much quality loss I will tollerate.

2) I can carry them into any car or house system no problem.

3) they only run $10 or less and generally I do enjoy the entire CD so little benefit for paying $1/song.

4) generally if I listen to things besides CD it's either internet radio or regular radio which is free.

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I only buy CDs of the best of the best bands out there so the last one I bought was Metallica's Death Magnetic in 2008

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I bought my first CD player in 1987 (Denon, it's still working) and I still buy CDs today.

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I always take a physical option over digital.


I bought one a couple days ago, it was the Iron Man 2 soundtrack.

I have never bought a cd before

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While a lot of car stereos support plugging in a device like an i-Pod or a Zune, you still come accross the guy who only has a CD player (hell, my mom's car still has a cassette player!)  You gotta have CD's! 

Off topic:  While cleaning my closet yesterday, I found some old porn on VHS.  I figured I'd watch a few.  I broke out the VCR and every few seconds, the tape would go crazy.  After a few minutes, I just gave up. 

Watching the same segments over and over only made those tapes wear out faster.

Personally speaking, I never make it past the opening credits.

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I'll buy some CD's when Michael Jackson dies again.

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