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Its damn good, but my gripes are....

1. The loading times
2. The A.I are ridiculous
3. I want more weapons.
4. The online could use some more polish.

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CGI-Quality said:

Have it and while I really enjoy it, I do have a few gripes.

A. The AI is ridiculous. In a kart racer, they shouldn't be that frustrating, even on easy.

B. One thing that made Mario Kart 64 (the last kart racer I thoroughly enjoyed) so sensational was the ability to catch back up if you were losing badly in a race. In ModNation, if you're losing, chances are you're going to remain there. It REALLY needs a better catch-up system.

C. The game could use more weapons as well. What's there is fine, although getting hit by rockets can be down right annoying as all Hell, but a few more couldn't (and certainly wouldn't) hurt.

B & C REALLY need some polish, but the overall driving is more enjoyable than most games in the genre for me. The customization 1ups LBP, and the invite/online system is smooth as butter.

My view: 8.7/10 - If B & C had not been an issue, it would have easily been a 9+ game for me. That doesn't mean the game isn't polished, it is and it loads of fun. But it could still use some fine tuning.

A - I totally agree, they are way too cleaver, saving up nukes to the end.. so many races in 1st then a nuke comes in I use shield, then another comes in - no shield left, bam, then another nuke, bam, and I finish in 4th or worse.. :( (I didn't even notice there was an easy, medium, hard skill level) -.-

B - They should give out the warp powerup if you are doing badly more often :P

C - Agree


The loading times are what really gets me, load to get to the cutscene, then another load to get to the race...  While you are playing the cutscene can't you start loading the track in the background? :P



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I just wish load times were shorter and we had more weapons, other than that I love the game.

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i like the game but i wished the controls were better, i would have preferred if they just copied the controls from CTR.

I think that its excellent
I wrote review on it if you want to see my full opinion.


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I really enjoy it and think it would be amazing if it weren't for a few technical flaws like disconnecting from online games and the massive loading times.

The gameplay is fantastic though, and I love all the things you can do to defend and attack other players.


Sounds like they're going to correct the loading times issue soon, to whatever degree they can.

I'm happy to hear that it doesn't have rubber band catch-up mechanics, but maybe it would be good to make speed powerups more available when you are losing badly.

I'd be willing to devote more disc space to install so the loading times are decreased... It's not like you have PS3's WITHOUT HDD's :)

Unicorns ARE real - They are just fat, grey and called Rhinos

I keep reading from everyone about the lack of weapons. I don't understand there are plenty of options:

straight missle
homing missles
hydra missles
straight shot bolt attack
homing bolt attack that can get multiple enemies
bolt storm that gets the entire pack
sonic shock wave that gets enemies next to you
sonic shock wave that shoots multiple mines in front of you
big sonic wave
3 levels of turbo power up. The teleport level 3 you can actually teleport with someone if you're close enough to be riding through his rings when he teleports.

On top of that you can use all the items secondary weapons to drop items behind you to slow enemies down. The turbo one leaves a water puddle that slows racers down. Others are usually some sort of mine that changes its radius based on the level of weapon you had.

You can also side swipe which to me is the most fun weapon to use in the game. Shield yourself, and on certain tracks you can use the R1 to shock robots to change their behavior, open a new shortcut, or ride over devastator buttons to activate crushers, exploding barrels, wall barriers to stop racers, etc.

To me there are more options to alter the race than any other kart game.

i just played and CTR remake track and it was AWESOME.

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