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axt113 said:
How is it a threat to Nintendo, the DS even now is selling more than 200K a week

When you throw in 246k iPhones a week, probably ~150k iPod Touches a week and realize that we're only talking about the US, which bought about 100k DS this week, then you might realize that Apple is selling far more portable devices than Nintendo. To be fair, DS weekly sales for Americas has averaged to 150k this year, so Apple's devices are only outselling the DS 4:1 in the region.

Even granting that DS sales haven't slowed down very much and that many iDevice owners don't play many games on their devices, you have to at least admit that's a threat. Personally, I suspect that Apple is beating Nintendo to a lot of new users. So while Apple might not be restricting the size of Nintendo's current market, they are cutting off future growth potential by offering cheap, accessible games on a platform that people buy for media and communication.

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The iPad is awesome, I want one.. I don't own any other Apple products but the iPad really strikes a chord with me


A girl next to me in class has an iPhone, a Macbook, and an iPad. One day she brought both the iPad and the Macbook to class and a little part of me died inside. I'm betting that a lot of the people out there with iPads aren't buying the iPad instead of a netbook or using it to replace a computer. They are buying them to add to their Apple collection....