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I am not a doctor and I have always believed that one should not be giving medical advice to others, when one has not graduated from med school.

In today's world, whith this whole internet thing, people just ask medical questions on forums, and unqualified, albeit well intended individuals give advice (I used this cream and it went away, I took those pills and it went away, I participated in a sexual orgy and it went away), which more often that not doesn't help. You can already see some ridiculous replies on this very forum (pussy juice??? seiously???).

So I'm gonna give you the only advice I'm qualified to give: GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST!!!

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jesus kung fu magic said:

Dont put so much garbage in your system (i.e fast food)

Drink plenty of water

And keep regular in your cardio work.

Sleep at least 8 hours



Internal factors affect acne far more than external.

This is generally good advice, certainly it's good for you in many ways regardless of the effects on your skin. However,  though it is well established that certain foods can increase your chances of getting acne, there's no consistent pattern.  That is to say chocolate might cause a big break out for one person but have no effect on someone else who also suffers from acne, their trigger might be something else entirely and finding out what it is/they are is not always easy.

You are welcome to trial and error products recommended to you by your friends but if it's not working or you want a little better advice head to your doctor.  If you have a good doctor they will have experience (by proxy) with most of the products on the market and obviously some other stuff that's only available by prescription.  Acne is pretty much controllable medically speaking in the vast majority of people, just most never even both going to the doctor for it.

Having said all that the above is good advice and I would have no problem recommending that as the first step, and if you are lucky, the only one necessary

The best advice I've gotten is to just watch your face at every opportunity. Everytime you wash your hands, also wash your face. And try not to focus on it, stress causes acne... probably.

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ice and very cold water
also exfoliating once or twice a week

During freshers week last year in college, i got sick in a girls mouth because i could feel the spots on her face when i was banging her. Ah good times.
But in relation to your problem, just eat well and dont eat junk food or frozen food all the time. Or else see your doctor he might give you medication if it is serious.

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Do not Wash your Face With 'Water' Too much, Causes Oil.
Drink Water
Get some Sun
Change Your Pillow Cases Every Night.

Go See a Doctor though Every ones Skin is Different.

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Damn.. i totally forgot that we already had an epic thread about this problem:


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Eating healthy food won't heal it totally, but it will help a lot, while junk food will worsen it. Good hygiene using mild detergents that avoid furtherly irritating the skin helps too.

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^ he's right, avoid all fried foods especially... i know, it sucks =(

My brother had it so bad, especially around his neck, when he was a teenager he went to the doctor. Doc prescribed him a course of antibiotics and it worked a treat. However, we have always been a family that had very little exposure to antibiotics growing up. We didn't rush off and get prescribed antibiotics with every little sniffle and cough we came down with (which most of the time is useless because the cause of the sniffle or cough is usually a virus).

I know something of pharmacology, microbiology and bacterial resistance to antibiotics. And I tell you now, the more exposure you've had to antibiotics the more your own personal micro flora is likely to not respond to antibiotics. And the bugs in acne aren't some exogenous infection, their your own little friends turning on you. So if you "grew up" on antibiotics then treating your acne with antibiotics may not be terribly effective unless you use some of the top shelf stuff reserved only for special occasions (I'm a bit out of touch but back in the day the top shelf stuff was Vancomycin, and Methicillin).

Really nasty acne is not normal and can't be dealt with using the amateur "tried and true" stuff. You've actually got to treat it with more than the general advice of healthy eating, regular bathing, exercise and keeping your stress levels down (though all those things are helpful).

Whether you're a conventional medicine person or into the alternative therapies, if your acne is significantly worse than everyone else you know, then you have a problem that's not just normal teenage crap and you should seek professional help to get it sorted.

Personally I had a bit of an acne problem, but never bad enough to warrant specific treatment. I always found that a particular anti-acne product would work for a bit, then the little bastards would come back. Even though I'm well out of my teens (I'm probably old enough to be your dad, but only if I was a naughty teenager) I still get zitty from time to time, mostly when I'm under stress. I've always had a sleeping problem, so I can't tell you whether lack of sleep is a problem or not because my acne status has waxed and waned while my sleep patterns have remained constant (constantly bad).

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