Forums - Gaming Discussion - When will you give up video gaming? (If ever?)

when the best developers stop making good games.

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the day they stop making final fantasy games... i don't play other games :p

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When Nintendo stops making Zelda.

well.......most likely never

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i give up gaming everyday to go to bed and to troll VGchartz.

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I think this is my last gen. I have loved the current batch of games and systems, but seriously something very special will need to come out next time or I am done.

Never, but IF I do......

Ill probably quit gaming the day Nintendo goes out of business.

Once gaming has degenerated to all time low by the new gen. This is when I'll become officialy a retro gamer.

If Obama does something similar to what Hugo Chavez did.

Last but not least, if Sony is still around and to some extent MS, Ill fall back to one of the two if nintendo leaves.

simply Never!

Nah i will also be a gamer, the only thing that will change is how much time i will dedicate to it

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