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When I play a game, I usually like to have some music in the background. Usually I'll just put on an AC/DC album and lose myself in a game.

What do you guys do? What kind of music do you listen to while gaming? Do you listen to music at all? Everyone I've ever met in real life doesn't listen to any. I was just wondering if I was the only one.

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Never. Only the in-game music (but sometimes I switch the in-game mp3s to other ones that fit the game).

Sometimes, but usually the in-game music satisfies me enough.

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In game music... normally fits the game better if its a good game

I only listen to what the game plays.

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Only when playing an EA sports game, they have some of the worst music. So I just put my own on because then I'm able to enjoy the game way more (even if there's a couple audio cues that could help out).

When the in game music isn't good enough I usually change for...moar game music. Normally I change the music for some epic final boss music, like Dark King

Above: still the best game of the year.

Since I got Napster and inherited my moms old computer, I've been using napster to stream music while I play. I prefer Napster because I get to create playlists to stream online and normally, the music is actually decent because I pick every song.

gurglesletch said:
I only listen to what the game plays.

This  A lot of games have some great music that help to make the game whole.

Many times, yes.