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Soriku said:

lol at people thinking this is still happening :P


Only casual posters check the dates.

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Soriku said:

lol at people thinking this is still happening :P

U will probaly end up buying a ps3 anyway, right.



Dude it's not like I can't entertain the idea of KH3 on Wii. In fact, its quite plausible. It is just that I would MUCH rather see the third instalment on PS3. It just works...

for a second..... I though it was true.

Soriku said:
Lol no. I'm not gonna be a fanboy anymore.


 i'll believe it when i see it

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Just think, at the rate he was going, he may have had one by now.

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People should look the date of the thread :P

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Wait. How do you get free consoles from Gran Turismo??? Grah, why was I not informed??

This is some damn good cheese! Why the hell didn't anyone tell me about the cheese?!

YAY soriku you will own a ps3+wii like me =D

will help you out ;)

why dont all just give away our gt monwy to soriku?