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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Which gaming system you bought and why?

When I was scoping out a new system I contacted two people for systems on craigslist: one for a 360 and one for a wii. The guy with the 360 never responded, but the one with the wii did. Sometimes I regret it seeing LFD and borderlands, but then I'd miss out on some of the benefits of the wii.

Allow me to tell you why I chose the wii:
-I love me some smash bros. Melee was(and still is from a combat standpoint) the best fighting game of all time. It's a """"hardcore""""" game that soo many wii owners play. Amazing.
-The whole gaming experience is cheaper. The system was cheaper, the games and so on. Plus the craigslist seller was selling it and games for cheap:D I'm a poor college student...
- I did some research on new games coming out. The one that stood out to me was metroid prime triology. Not only were all three games coming out on one retail disk, but I could finally play Prime without gay strafing/adventure controls!!! I had a blast playing boom blox at a friends house and was excited for bash party. Excitebots seemed like such a crazy racer, that I had to try it out.
-Possibly the greatest attraction is COMPLETE BACKWARDS COMPATABILITY! I owned a gamecube, so I had a plethora of cube games. That isn't an attraction to everyone, but for me it certainly was. This helps fill the shooter void often.
-Playing all DK on VC:) Still holding out for DK64 someday.
-One of my favorite genres is puzzle, and I thought the would be the strongest in that arena. Boom Blox Bash Party is amazing to go through not only in single mode, but also co-op with my sis. I've also been a tetris junkie for quite a long time(second game I ever played). Tetris Party Deluxe will be legit.

If the 360 owner had responded I probably would have been just as happy. That is of course assuming I did not get red ringed. I think in my situation a wii makes a lot of sense.

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All of them, so I wouldn't miss out on any game I want to play :P

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Wii - Enjoy some mario games, Kart is awesome fun. Other then that it is a little unused. Thats until I got my grubbly little hands on Monster Hunter <3

Ps3 - Got because I wanted the cheapest bluray player (at the time), Also wanted it for GT5 (if it ever comes out). Been surprised with some quality games that have come out on the platform. Demon's souls, Disgaea, Metal Gear solid 4, little big planet. Its now the cornerstone of my home entertainment system allowing me to play media from my NAS.

PC - as a old school PC player, I can't live without these things. Some games I prefer still on PC format, and my general rule is if it comes out on PC and a console I get the PC version.


I bought a PS3 cause I wanted to play MGS4. Its that simple really.

I bought a 360 for its exclusives. I had one, sold it, and got another one when Splinter Cell came out so I could play Alan Wake. Splinter Cell was great also.

I got a Wii for Super Smash Bros Brawl, but the online sucked and I dont have too many gamer friends who come to my house. So I sold it, then got another for my daughter a couple months back. I play it with her, mostly Wii Sports. I plan to get her NSMB Wii very soon.

I am a gamer. Not a fanboy, not a troll, a gamer. So when you dont like what I have to say, remember this fact.

I bought all three consoles and both handheld because I got money, but my favorites in order are

1. PS3- just recently became my favorite. Free online that is now decent and downloadable PS1 and PS3 games
2. Xbox 360- was my favorite for the longest time until the fall of 2009. Still love it though.
3. PSP- became 3rd when Wii started getting boring(After Super Smash Bros. Brawl), also the upgrade to the PSN makes PSP are great handheld console. Love playing PS1 games on my PSP.
4. DS- I enjoy the DS, but I feel so bored with it at times due to it's limited amounts of hardcore games. It's still an awesome handheld and I recommend it to everyone!
5. Wii- Wii reminds me of a children's toy. It was really fun at first, then it got boring. It has some great games like SSBB, Super Mario Galaxy, and Twilight Princess, but its library is still too weak to enjoy thoroughly.

The consoles I bought in order are DS, 360, PSP, Wii, PS3.

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PS3/the best exclusives, free online, crazy media capabilities.

DS/lots of Japanese support. 'nuff said.

I'll be buying a 360 for the same reason as my DS.

i got the xbox 360 first because i live in washington were pretty much every other person works at Microsoft, so i basically got it cheep and i got it a week after it came out so i wasn't complaining. ( it still runs only got the rrod ring once, but i have got one of the newer modules)

i got the wii second because my little brother wanted one so i bought it for him.

third i got the play station 3 because of the price of the slime module

morenoingrato said:
I bought a wii because of the line-up


I didn't buy a Wii because of the line-up :) joking!


Did actually buy a Wii for Mario Galaxy, loved it, played umbrella chronicles, loved it too; then sold it due to lack of quality software.

360 avoided it because of the reliability, disgraceful hardware, great games though. 

Went with the PS3 due to the reliability of it and the promise of 'great games', which I felt Sony later delivered.  (More future proof too)


I got a PS3 cause I felt it had more games that i wanted to play Sequels to games i loved, new exclusives and multiplats, and also the free online was a selling point, the browsers nice cause it brings youtube and other streaming sites to my tv.... aaaaand couldnt care less about bluray movies.... buuuut yea OH and i play games on my pc and many of xbox's best "exclusives" are on the PC ie Mass effect(great!) or L4D (which i dont like) etc.


EDIT: AND becuase i never had a ps2 and i got the 60gb version so i could play some of the great games i missed out on

Bought a 360, couldn't wait for November '06.

Got the DS, mostly because the GBA was irrevelant in '07 and I knew all my handheld related needs would be served through it.

Got the Wii, had to get it as soon as Brawl came out.

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