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Tetris. Gotta stick with the godfather of all puzzle games. Portal ain't too bad either though.

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i liked puzzle quest a lot, eventhough the computer CHEATS

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It's really hard to decide which I like more between Super Bombliss and Cu-on-Pa, but I'd recommend Super Bombliss to anyone, because blowing things up is great.


I'm not a fan of the Tetris style of puzzle games, but there's an old PC game called "Are we There Yet?" that I still play. It's a collection of various different types of puzzles, and it's one of my favorite games of all time, let alone favorite puzzle games.

Portal is an honorable mention though, even if it was VERY easy.

That's so true!!!

Once you learn how to out-cheat the computer in Puzzle Quest, it's too cheap and easy and not even fun anymore.

My favorites are Tetris, Dr. Mario, Minesweeper, Picross, Puzzle Bobble (aka Bust-a-Move), and if we're including it, definitely Portal.

EDIT: Forgot World of Goo and Hexic.

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Art Style: Rotohex, still cant beat that light blue hex...

MrBubbles said:
i liked puzzle quest a lot, eventhough the computer CHEATS

Yeah, but at some point you are powerful enough to destroy the CPU with your eyes closed :P

1. Portal
2. Portal
3. Tetris
4. Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-move)

Yes, I put Tetris at 3, because Portal deserves the top 2 spots!

Never heard of Portal. Have heard of the ArtStyle games, but never played any of those, either.


A thread dedicated to Puzzles! woot!

Ok this is serious, and it disgust me that not one of you mention PS1 classic (my avatar)
Kula World (PAL)
Roll Away (American)
Kula Quest (Jap) all the same game but different name, don't ask me why! It also on PSN for a couple bucks!!!
How can not one of you not mention this masterpiece!!
If you guys never heard of this and love puzzle genre, you own yourself to try this beauty!

But if you want a challenging one, try Crush for the PSP!