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what is your opinion on bungie now?

still love them 38 40.86%
like them,but lost some respect for them 16 17.20%
completely lost all respect for them 12 12.90%
hate them for signing with the devil 9 9.68%
will never buy another game from them 3 3.23%
halo reach is your last bungie game ever 15 16.13%
scottie said:
Lon said:
well what i loved about bungie was all the online features they put in halo. Playlists customising, online stats, database of screenies, video, custom maps, variants and everything was kept online accessible by computer. Forge is my most favourite feature, I truely loved searching for racetracks, puzzlemaps, social party games and downloading them with ease.

now coming back to the topic, i really dont think they can manage these features without being as close with microsoft anymore.



Never played WoW I see.


Acti-Blizzard devs will be able to teach these children a thing or two about online stats.

WoW is a pc based game already. is clearly unmatched on the console front.

Everyone knows how hard it is to distribute user created content on the 360, gl reproducing that. 



life is based on deception-carving up xbox live down under-π

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honestly as a huge Bungie fan an even an Exalted Legendary member on the forums......I have to admit I've lost some respect for them. Not because of the multi-plat that has nothing to do with it, but I HATE activision and Bobby Kotick, I think they are the worst things for the gaming industry right now and would have liked them to sign with ANYONE other that Activision. Oh well I'll still support Bungie and their still my favorite developer but damn, they have gone down a bit in my book.

I lost a lot of respect for them, they are a bunch of sellouts and should have stayed with MS all the way.




the poll is fail anyways, there is no neutral ground, I don't love nor do I hate them, it's just another game dev studio, I can't vote with these shitty options.

Have to see what they can do outside of Halo

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Aion said:
I lost a lot of respect for them, they are a bunch of sellouts and should have stayed with MS all the way.

its just bussiness.

I still like bungie but I'm not going to support them while they are with activision and yeah I did lose a little respect for them. I have never bought an activision game and them getting bungie isn't going to change that.

The thing I don't get was bungie was making a lot of noise talking about how they wanted to be independent so they can work on projects other than halo, and they wanted to have freedom and not be tied down to a big corporation etc but the first moves they made after gaining their independence was making more halo titles(which isn't a bad thing since I'm a fan) and jumping in bed with another big corporation (activision).