Forums - Sales Discussion - Which games of your collection Did you regret Buying?

Oh boy what a list, I'll limit it to this gen.  Keep in mind some of these games I may have enjoyed but were not worth what I payed for them, thus regret buying.


Soul Calibur IV

Sonic Unleashed


GT5 Prologue

Dead Space

Ratchet and Clank: ToD

Modern Warfare 2


Metal Gear Solid 4


Zelda: Phanton Hourglass

Professor Layton and the Curious Village

Pokemon Platinum

Populous DS


No More Heroes

Smash Bros Brawl

Mario Galaxy


HOTD Overkill

Alone in the Dark (Wii version)

Fat Princess

Marvel vs Capcom 2



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Buying these three games on 360: Borderlands, Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2. The best versions are on PC.

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Why is Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 getting so much hate? We finally get a real game and they're not even satisfied... I'm starting to hate the gaming community so f****** much...

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I regret buying Borderlands on Steam for $10.19.  I just can't seem to get in to that game. 

How much I pay for a game usually factors into how I feel about it, so I'm gonna list the games and the prices I paid for them:

Mass Effect $40: It's a broken mess and the gameplay is horrid. My screen would spasticate every time I do a 360 degree turn.

Final Fantasy 13 $65: Fell into the hype, played it for a couple of hours and now it glares at me on my shelf, amazing cut scenes though.

Alone in the Dark $25: What makes a game worse is knowing that it could have been so much better had it had some more polish and a better dev team.

Fracture $20: I can make hills and holes... that's the game.

Devil May Cry 4 $35: I bought it a while ago, played Bayonetta and I thought I'd give the game a shot. It's not even close to Bayonetta, I enjoyed Dante's Inferno more.

Borderlands $100: It wasn't half as good as I was hoping it would be.

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Hmm, let's see...


Killzone 2. Didn't like it at all, it wasn't fun to play.

Spongbob Squarepants: Creature from the Krusty Crab- I got this game with my Wii and boy did it leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: Got this for my birthday, again wasn't fun.

ET for Atari 2600: Need I say more?

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Bionic Commando... Never let your love for a classic decide whether you get a remake.


Halo 3... I don't play multi-player (dm, ctf, etc...) so remove that and you get a very disappointing game.


Wii Fit... I play basketball everyday (Don't need to work out when i get home)... my wife played it once and wasn't interested... I already own a scale... So what's the point.

Devil May Cry 4 - Such a waste of $10. It is a poor mans Ninja Gaiden. The controls are so stiff and sluggish, very little variety, boring story.

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Anything related to Fable. That series is utter garbage IMO.


Dark Cloud 1 is pretty bad too.

Red Dead Redemption - Not because its bad by any means, but I don't play it much anymore so it would have been a better rent than a buy. Plus I think somebody stole (or i misplaced) the disk so all I have is the box now.

Starting to on FF13.....and Dead Rising for 10$. I can't complain really about FF13 though because I bought it for 20$ and am about halfway through. Now If I can ever beat the emperor.......

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