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Sports and Fighting.




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RPGs not named patience for them. I guess that means I suck at them...

and possibly RTS, b/c O haven't put any time into them.

RTS games (not SRPGs, for some reason I do OK with those). I'm really bad at them. I find FPS on consoles frustrating (yes yes, I was raised on superior pc controls, shoot me) but I can generally destroy the game at normal difficulty but struggle on higher difficulties.


i don't suck at any of them? i don't understand football or baseball games so i only watch it on tv. as for other sports games im usually good at them. i can't think of a genre im bad at, but heres the top 11 im good at.

1. Action Adventure
2. Platformers
3. T.P.S. (i just don't die)
4. JRPG's/WRPG's/Turn based RPG's/ARPG's(Just trying to get them all)
5. Create Play Share
6. Action
7. FPS (no innovation/i just don't die)
8. Open world games
9. Puzzle
10. Fighting games (PredictionDOA coming to PS3)

11. Sports (mostly mma, wrestling, and boxing)

Predictions 2012

PS3 108-120m

wii 116m

360 80-110m

RTS games kick my ass.

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SuperAnthony64 said:
RTS games kick my ass.

i just don't like them. but realy. explain!

I suck at party based WRPGs (Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2, Neverwinter Nights series, Fallout, Fallout 2).

However, this is my favorite genre of games.

Since MMOs are somewhat similar, I suck at those too.

Shooters with dual analog controllers.

Strategy games.

Im good at most genres, Practice makes Perfect I guess...but if I had to pick one it would be....anything that involves teamwork and leadership.



EDIT : Oh yes just remembered...Scratch teamwork and leadership, it's too easy compared to Fighting Games...Street Fighter...*Shivers*

racing games for me. Kinda hard for me. even in Gta the racing is a pain