What game(s) this gen literally "shocked" you?

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The first Bioshock, for sure. It is an incredibly cohesive, stylish and poignant experience.

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Oblivion and Heavy Rain

Resistance: Fall of Man, Uncharted 2, M.A.G, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Burnout Paradise, Borderlands.

Valkyria Chronicles: I was expecting something pretty good when it came out, but what I got was so much better than that

Flower: After recently playing flOw my expectations for this game were not that high, but they really pulled it together to be something beautiful.

Persona 4: It was surprising how much it improved upon 3 which was amazing when I played it but now looking back at all the changes in 4 I have a hard time seeing 3 as equal to or better than 4 objectively.


call of duty's all after 3, god of war 3, assasins creed 2, resistance and a few others

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I usually research my games before I buy them, but sometimes I do impulse buy and here is my list.

The Darkness: Bought it for $13 and it's probably one of the greatest games I've ever played.

Dead Space: I was enthralled and I thought it was meant to be average judging by it's sales and reaction at the time.

The Elder Scroll's: Oblivion: I had no idea what it was when I bought it, it became the new benchmark I set for all WRPG's and so far everything after it has fallen below that mark.

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Super Mario Galaxy and Demons Souls.

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Earth Defense Force 2017.

In a lot of ways, it's exactly what I expected.

But the way the giant robots explode when you shoot them is awesome.

There have been countless great games this gen! :D

However I have really only been shocked by just how dissapointing I found FFXIII to be, I waited all these years for this game and have found it to be lacking in almost every aspect. I`m sure others have enjoyed it, and I`m glad for them but for me this game just isn`t very good.

Definetly ff13. Like sum1 else sed in this thread after th bad ff10-2 and the POS ff12 i expected nothing from ff13. but it amazed me in evry way and is my tied favrite ff with 8 and 7 now. I am sum1 who believs square went to the dogs aftr they joind with square-enix, maybe ff13 is a sign of good things to come, or maybe its a fluke.

the other is asasins creed 2, i disliked assassins creed 1 but 2 nailed evry aspect, it had gud side missions, very good narrative and story, better cities. well dun to them.

Fallout 3, being a old fallout fan it was frightening to see my franchise being turned into a fps view rpg. bt bethesda made it amazing and its my tied favrite game of the generation with ff13.