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Windows 7, anyone else have it?

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 54 31.40%
I have Windows 7 Pro 38 22.09%
I have Windows 7 Home 45 26.16%
I have XP 16 9.30%
I have a Mac 3 1.74%
Other 15 8.72%
WyldRage said:
My philosophy is to change windows version only when I actually change computer. It's Vista x32 for my 15" work laptop and Vista x64 for my 20" personal/gaming laptop.

Do yourself a favor and get 7 for the gaming rig you wont regret it.

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doesnt everyone have it?! >_

Yea, originally had vista and then downgraded to xpto speed up my slow pc. Then I decided to get win 7 ultimate x32 and so far so good. The layout of the new taskbar definitely makes things easier and performance wise seems to be a bit slower then xp but much better then vista.

If you decide to go to windows 7, i recommend at least 2 gb of ram to be stable enough to play games w/o pc lag but if u are a extreme pc gamer, 4 gb is a must so background processes wont interfere.

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I use Windows 7 Ultimate and it is a lot better than Vista.

I think I have home. Anyway whatever version it is its a huge improvement over xp and vista. However I still prefer Mac OSX overall.

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SciFiBoy said:

I reccently got Windows 7 Pro, so far its working really well, I find the layout much nicer than XP

It is pretty nice.  Enjoy your new OS.

Yes, 7 Ultimate!

I would have been using it full time for 1 year as of next week.

there is certainly no reason not to update to it unless your computer it like 6 years old and has less than 1GB RAM

Certain trumps the latest "update" from Apples camp and has the performance edge and stability over most linux distro's it certainly it a solid platform

It's fantastic. Microsoft really outdid themselves here, which wasn't that hard after releasing Vista.

Which version should one get? Home, Pro or Ultimate? And is a pirated version a realistic alternative or too much hazzle?

Do i miss anything if i just buy Home?