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Windows 7, anyone else have it?

I have Windows 7 Ultimate 54 31.40%
I have Windows 7 Pro 38 22.09%
I have Windows 7 Home 45 26.16%
I have XP 16 9.30%
I have a Mac 3 1.74%
Other 15 8.72%

I reccently got Windows 7 Pro, so far its working really well, I find the layout much nicer than XP

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I have Vista :D

Don't see any reason to upgrade now

I surprisingly working well, all our PCs made the jump from XP to 7 Ultimate. WAY more stable. MS has done a fine job with seven after the Vista disaster.

updated: 14.01.2012

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bet with Mordred11 that Rage will look better on Xbox 360.

yessir i love it the taskbar layout is AWESOME and everything works fine :D

so far it is working out way better than vista

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I have ultimate 64 and home 32.

Definitely glad I skipped Vista as 7 fixes its issues and its FAR better than XP. Especially the beast of a homegroup feature.

been a mac and linux user for years. enjoyed xp in the work place. But i Love windows seven. Its simple and works easy. I use the enterprise edition. One little complaint: why the hell do I have to go through 3 steps to find the network adpater? now I have a short cut created on my desktop.

My philosophy is to change windows version only when I actually change computer. It's Vista x32 for my 15" work laptop and Vista x64 for my 20" personal/gaming laptop.

I ordered Windows 7 Home Premium for my new computer that I'm building. Unfortunately, I can't really install it until I get my memory and video card ordered on the 7th of May...

Have windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Just waiting on flash 64 bit support so i can fully experience 64 bit. But anyways its better then any other OS windows created, Yes its better then windows xp