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I think the Last Story artwork is amazing. Quite Frankly he best I have ever seen in the RPG genre.


- Devs were interested in making a brand sort of battle system
- Much trial and error
- Magic Circle system: Affects an area (healing, flame)
- Real time battles, players can pause what’s happening so that they can input commands/change tactics and AI of party members

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Another amazing piece of artwork. I'm even tempted to replace my Xenoblade wallpaper with this ... oh what the hell (replaces XD) .


Certainly wallpaper worthy, battle system sounding more interesting.

This art has been incredible... maybe the game should just be a slide show of all the art

nice i like that it is real time battle instead of turn based i hate those.

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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A brand sort of battle system... A what now?


Well, sounds a lot like the system in Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment and the like. And more recently Dragon Age.

These people translated the blog post

Its says that the staff  "wanted to make a new type of RPG battle" and that  "we wanted a system that merged real time battles with command selection, something that had an action feel but would also make you think. After much trial and error, we came to the current form."

So glad they have real time battles and the ability to pause and order commands is welcome as well. Reminds me of KOTOR in a way and I am very excited. The concept art has had me drooling since the start. Can't wait for this one and I don't get excited about RPGs all that often :)

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Pause is actually quite usefull.... in DAO there are those fights with a couple of magnus against you.... fire bomb puts you on floor, nightmare, prison.... all the while taking damage. can't do anything if you don't micromanage your team...


The update is great and all, but what I'm happy about is that this is the last sort of blog update they can fit on the menu. So that may mean there will be a full reveal of the game very soon.

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