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Time to bring back the Nintendo Seal of Quality?

Yes 72 71.29%
No 29 28.71%

The seal is still there, and it means exactly now what it meant back then.

Sooooo... the question makes absolutely no sense unless you just really like the word 'quality.'

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If you want to see what little 3rd party support Nintendo gets vanish overnight, sure....

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I think it's time for third parties to step up their game. That would be the better solution.

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i'd say yes but it can't be trusted in this day and age.

(though its already there)

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One of the most interesting things I find about this generation is the revisionist history claiming the seal of quality actually related to the quality of the game in question. No amount of history could erase my memories of some trashy and questionable NES games.

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Nintendo's seal of Qulity was like Sega's Blast Processor, something that only existed on people's mind.

The seal never left, and it meant exactly the same then as it does now.

The answer is "no" for a lot of reasons.

Mr. Fister said:
d21lewis said:
Anyway, I voted "yes" because I think everything that was around when I was a kid should come back (including Polio).

You were a kid when Polio was around? You should apply for the Guiness World Record of "Oldest person on the internet."

I meant my friend "Robert Polio".  He died from the Black Plague.  The "Black Plague" was actually a guy named Derek Plague, not the disease.  There was also a white guy name Derek Plague so we called the black guy the "Black Plague".  He got offended and shot Robert.  Oddly enough, Derek Plague died from Lou Gehrig's disease.



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Nope. Nothing like a censorship to drive away developers from your console.