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I'll go with Pokemon Black and White, Alan Wake, Gears of war 3, and the sequel to Okami on DS (Okamiden i think)

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Fable 3, MGS Peace Walker

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Ninety nine nights 2, i had a sig about it before =]

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Interesting thread, interesting answers.

Only Fable 3 for me, at least at the moment.

I'm not interested in any upcoming exclusive 360 FPS or TPS, not even in Alan Wake - which looks fantastic, but I don't like horror games (it is a horror game, right?).

If any exclusive (J)RPG or action adventure will be announced for 360 though, which look as interesting as - say - Lost Odyssey or Kameo, I'll be looking forward to seeing more about them.

Gears 3, Halo Reach and Monster Hunter Tri.

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Crackdown 2 T-T i want it

also interested in Gears of war 3 but to a lesser degree

Gears of War 3
Alan Wake
Halo Reach
Fable 3

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Resident Evil on PSP

I mean it's the only platform I don't have and there isn't much on the platform I'm interested in that has come out and is coming out. But that is one I can't wait to see when they start unveiling it but more than likely won't get a PSP to just play it.

Discrimination :(

Machina said:
Discrimination :(

That's what you get for being tolerant and getting all the consoles.

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