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amp316 said:
The first time that I saw the Magnificent Seven, I didn't realize that it was a remake of Seven Samurai.

Both movies are fantastic, by the way. I give a slight edge to Seven Samurai though.

Also, I'll repeat what d21lewis said. The Karate Kid is going to suck balls.

Indirect remakes like the Magnificent Seven are for the most part better then the majority of straight remakes.

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War of the Worlds.


The Departed which is a remake of the Chinese films Infernal Affairs Part 1,2, & 3

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badgenome said:

Easily one of the best remakes ever.  Even though the basic plot points are shared with the original the remake is a lot better.

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Taking of Pelham 123 and the Longest Yard are 2 that come to mind.

Scarface was boring. The movie starts off good and there's a good action scene at the end. The rest of it is dreadful though.

I guess the Longest yard was a good remake I didn't know was a remake at first. Can't think of any others.

I can't think of any off the top of my head, but I do agree with Man on Fire. I saw the original after the remake and thought it was pretty badass also.

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