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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Conduit 2 First Look+Screenshots

That jungle looks craptastic, but the description give by the article sounds interesting...

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jlauro said:
SmokedHostage said:
It looks alright I guess. I'll be waiting for higher resolution screenshots.

They are shrunk in the article.  Right click on them and do view image.  The few I check are higher at 768px × 448px and just shrunk in line...

Yea I made them smaller. Here's the link to see them bigger

Well judging by the early screens, it looks like there will certainly be more stage variety.

This game is gonna rocks so much that I can't even explain how much it will rock

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fazz said:
That jungle looks craptastic, but the description give by the article sounds interesting...

I think the graphics may have taken a hit to accomodate splitscreen.

Which is fine with me if it means the single-player runs at 60fps. Stuff texels, gimme the frames, baby.

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have to see the game in motion screenshots are kinda decent but not great.

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I got my Nintendo Power issue yesterday and the screenshots in the issue looked amazingly good. I can't wait to play Conduit 2 this holiday.


Hopeful with this game, and glad that HVS actually listened to fans for fixing this game instead of blaming those fans for not buying this game in droves.

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i need a little more before i buy this first day, but im slowly getting there.


yes this is good. Wii getting sequels shows strong 3rd party support. The game looks to be a solid good FPS definately better than the first. And it has splitscreen.


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