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The multiplayer is my exclusive field of interest in buying this, i must say. Things are looking good so far (especially at this stage of development), but i would need to know more about changes in basic play.


These details are nice, though. Hopefully they can make the battlefields this dynamic.

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cool, liked the 1st game . i can see liking this game even more based on the work they are putting into it.





.jayderyu said:
The Tech Demo 2 coming out soon on Wii near you.

I think it was far from being a tech demo or maybe you just didn't like the first one?

Anyway the sequal is looking great imo..

I really like that they actually did switch the level design up a bit.

One thing I cannot tell from these pictures is the true enemy identity. For example, in Mass Effect, there were about....7 races I think that the game focused on. Conduit 2 does not need to provide as much of a backstory for its enemies as Mass Effect did, but the enemies need a little personality; although the gameplay would be the same without backstory, it makes the game better. It is a hard concept to explain, but I think gamers would like it if they knew more about who they were fighting.

The controls in The Conduit were already great, so no worries there. There should be a few destructible environments thrown in now, and multiplayer is a lock.

It still won't be the best FPS ever, but it appears good enough so that Wii owners won't regret buying it full price. Local and online multiplayer confirms that.

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.jayderyu said:
The Tech Demo 2 coming out soon on Wii near you.

Funny, a lot of games people enjoy can be considered "tech Demos".

I'm getting a real strong Perfect Dark vibe from this. Which is a good thing.

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polish polish polish! HVS! polish! polish the shit out of this game! lol =)

SmokedHostage said:
It looks alright I guess. I'll be waiting for higher resolution screenshots.

They are shrunk in the article.  Right click on them and do view image.  The few I check are higher at 768px × 448px and just shrunk in line...

lookin forward to this game...i def think they are going to improve upon everything that needed tweaking in the first

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