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So after God of War 3, how much do you think Gran Turismo 5 will do?

1 - 2 M 15 6.98%
2 - 3 M 37 17.21%
3 - 4 M 35 16.28%
4- 5 M 30 13.95%
5 -6 M (Almost Unrealistic) 98 45.58%

You would fail in market research class.

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Zipper said:
Guys, I'm talking about FIRST MONTH SALES

Dude you should have mentioned that in the title or at least the opening post. It would have saved a lot of people calling you an idiot.


First month maybe 3.65 million?

Week 1 - 2 million

Week 2 - 750k

Week 3 - 500k

Week 4 - 400k


I bet if it releases in the fall sometime it'll sell over 100k each week until after Christmas.

This poll is busted. People didn't read where you stated first week or month. These results make people here seem unrealistic and . . . and I've said too much.

Zipper said:
I seriously doubt that.
Gran Turismo is huge, but not that huge.

Gran Turismo 5 can sell anywhere between 10 to 15 million
Are you guys saying it can sell more than half of it LTD in the opening month?

You should've specified in your OP because we couldn't tell if you mean 1st month or LTD.

Opening week it can do 3 million( i like 3.5 more).
Opening month can push 5 million.
Lifetime it could hit 11-12 million.

It all depends on if it gets A-spec numbers in america or gt4 numbers.

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I'd say 4-5 million first month and 7-9 million lifetime.

Given that the other big exclusive franchise on the PS3, namely Metal Gear Solid, did better than the previous iteration on the PS2, I would expect the same trend for Gran Turismo.

According to VGChartz, GT4 did 2.5 million in its first week, and 4.3 million in its first month (first 4 weeks).

I wouldn't be surprised if GT5, with its broader appeal, will do 3.0 million in its first week and 4.5 million in its first month.

If a game is gonna' do 4-5m first month, then in it's lifetime, it's going to atleast double that, heck, most likely triple it.

Over 10m for GT5 will be easy.

How is GoW3's performance telling of GT5's?

Slightly misleading poll. I thought it was about LT sales, not first month. I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one...

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