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Overhyped, Overrated, Best Game ever no.


A good game but not the best ever. Campaign was fun, expansions look good. Online was alright but not something spectacular.

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Do people hate it because it REALLY is a bad game or do they hate it because it's inferior compared to the other GTA games?
I've never played it before but I imagine it can't be that bad. . .

toastboy are you some kind of gangster loser?

I liked GTA4, honestly better than GTA3. I hated GTA3.

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Did you go to school? What kind of grammar use is that? Ridiculous.

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ssj12 said:
I liked GTA4, honestly better than GTA3. I hated GTA3.

Careful... Crack is whack!

It's not absolutely horrible, but it was mediocre to decent, and the absolutely positive hype and critical reception was unreasonable in retrospect.

It comes no where near San Andreas.

Really even though the game was very good, and I liked it alot, it's still a big disappointment and should have been alot better.

9009pc said:
but it will never compete with san andreas or any of gta 3 series games in terms of quality or fun imo.

Well I had more fun with GTAIV. The expansions inparticular were a friggin blast.

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yep, its freakin awesome