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I must say that looks amazing. Definitely contender for best console graphics. I wasn't too interested in this game but after watching this I might be picking it up.

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The guy that played the English version missed the first thermos bottle. Also I like the German voice actor for Alan Wake better then the English one.

Damn...not watching but I may have to buy one of those cheap banned modded 360s if this gets leaked on the net early.

And before you give me slack, I have this game pre-ordered and fully paid for already.


Heres the 12min english version

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Shame they cancelled the pc version.

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pauly989 said:

Shame they cancelled the pc version.

Why not just snag a 360? I know money's tight but they're fairly cheap now.


First impression. John Cusack?
Second impression. Go flare gun!

It looks amazing. Graphics, the environments, atmosphere, gameplay. 1st day.

I stand by my 94% Meta, 750K first week and +3 million lifetime perdiction.

the lighting is quite stunning

only skimping through it ....

Looks great, x360 comes back to "who's got better graphics" war.